Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Departures and arrivals

Yesterday I got Blackberry's and Bronwen's fleeces skirted outside before the rain began again, and did Bunker's incredibly fine, crimpy fleece under cover in the garage last night. I'll be making a run to the post office today:
Fleeces are headed to Georgia, Prince Edward Island, California and New York. (A lady in Switzerland is buying Bunker's, but I'm sending it to her sister's in NY.)

The next one to skirt is Blake's. I am loath to sell his; it's my favorite fleece this year. But there will be other exquisite hogget fleeces, and I still have hogget roving from Browning, Blackberry and Bramble to spin. MUST.NOT.HOARD. I had to call Laura to hold my hand while I made that decision - then had to tell her that no, she could not buy it if I could not keep it!

Still available at this point are Annabelle's, Bramble's and Katie's fleeces - one white, one light grey, and one fawn. Let me know - fast - if you want one.

In the midst of all that picking and packing, a surprise lamb arrived yesterday! A beautiful, dark moorit, just like her mother:

Ha! I saw a cute sheep like the bigger one at a holiday craft fair I attended last December, and placed an order for a grey one. When I went to pick it up later that month, I didn't like the grey fleece; it looked dyed. Since Gwen (of The Mouse Factory) said many people had tried to buy it, I asked if I could get a brown sheep instead, if I waited until after the holiday rush, and she agreed. It arrived today - with an adorable little surprise lamb!

If that isn't quite what you were hoping for, stay tuned. Real lambs have GOT to arrive sometime!

That's it for today from . . .


A :-) said...

What a naughty tease you are! I was sure some lambies had arrived :-D

Sharon said...

I've had to get tough with myself on NO new fleeces. It would much harder if I had to see those lovely ones of yours. I can understand your frustration.

Marie said...

Beautiful fleeces! I love how they are all 'together' I hand sheared mine again this year and did them in 'pieces'. I love your new 'lamb'!!