Saturday, February 29, 2020

Happy Leap Lip Day from February's Child!

Yes, February has been the month of Poppy. I'm sorry (not sorry) if you're getting tired of "all Poppy, all the time;" it's got to abate sometime! But not quite yet; here are photos from the last four days of the month . . . plus a bonus glance back at "Poppy, Ground Zero: 02/02/20.

'Hump Day,' February 26:

Thursday, February 27:

'Preparation Day,' February 28:
Click to biggify; there's a flock of geese south of the sun heading north!

Sabbath, February 29:

Just four short weeks ago; my, how she's grown!

That's it for February from . . .

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

On interruptions and needs

This morning's 'routine,' such as it is anymore, was frequently interrupted by the need to step out on the deck and catch the progression of sunrise:

at this point, a quick glance over to the left to catch the action there

Soon after that, the quiet of country living was once again interrupted by hum and growl and clang and bang. In spite of all the boulder-clearing done before our new neighbors bought the lot next door, they apparently chose a house site on top of many more, which are being noisily grubbed out and moved around almost daily by a big trackhoe. I doubt they anticipated the need for so much additional work, time, and expense; it's been going on for most of this month.
Wait; here's a video. Turn your sound WAY up and you'll get a taste of my audio environment:


Growing puppies need exercise, and stimulation, and sleep. (The following were taken last night as she was winding down, and give you an idea of how much she's GROWN. 😳)

Healing puppies need to keep their splint as clean as possible, which means restrictions. Poppy's accident in some ways means 'adolescence interrupted,' which is hard on both of us. She's fully house-trained (except when the menfolk ignore her when she whines at the door). But outside play is SO much more fun than inside play (More sights! More smells! A cat!) that she has started whining at the door for that. I ignore that request at her training's peril, but I can't indulge her desires completely, either. So she's frustrated, and I have very little uninterrupted time to get things done... exercise two horses more than I'm currently able. Lance needs daily exercise to help manage his equine metabolic syndrome (think Type 2 diabetes); Stella needs daily exercise for her physical and mental well-being; I need to ride Lance regularly to stay in shape for when Stella's finally ready to be ridden, 'cause that girl is athletic. Here she is during turn-out on Sunday, showing that 'baby's got BUCK':

The ewes need . . . something. (Wait for it.)

Fortunately, my husband doesn't need more cardiac intervention (except to do better on his heart disease reversal program); yay! He went to his cardiologist on Monday, who put him on the treadmill for a stress test. The results were so good that the doctor told him his chances of having more blockages at this point were less than one percent. Brian, on the other hand, seems determined to hack up a lung, so I'm taking him to the doctor after school this afternoon. (He's not able to drive right now because he's let a couple grades drop . . . again. Call it adulting, interrupted. 🙄)

I guess all that's going on here interrupts the temptation to focus much on how the norms and institutions of our republic are being bulldozed daily, so I will be thankful for that.

Sayonara for now from . . .

Sunday, February 23, 2020

A day without a single Poppy picture

Don't get TOO excited; I said a "day" without a single Poppy picture, not a post. heh

That day was yesterday. Rick felt 'not quite right' Thursday evening, but woke up fine Friday morning. The 'not-right' feeling came back Friday evening a bit worse, and didn't really change after taking to nitroglycerin doses. We spent an uneasy night, Rick obsessing about every sensation, me knowing that at any moment he might decide I needed to take him to the ER. That didn't happen until Saturday morning, when I took him up to St. Vincent's (where he was treated after his heart attack ten years ago and again 14 months ago when he needed two more stents). We spent all day there to finally be told that all test results were normal and he could go home, but follow up on Monday with his cardiologist (who might very well send him back up for another angiogram, the only way to really SEE what's going on in those arteries). Poppy went with us so I could ensure she got regular potty breaks, but it was a long and trying day for all of us and my mind wasn't on taking cute pics of my pup. We did get home in plenty of time to watch Brian play in his last high school varsity basketball game, even though he sprained his ankle earlier in the week. I did take photos of that. 😉

Lucky for you, I did take Poppy pix before and after our no-Poppy-pix day – as well as a few non-Poppy-pix.

Thursday morning started with a pretty sunrise. After work I stopped at Debbie's to drop off something and let Poppy have a little playtime with Murphy. She got more outdoor playtime at home because it was a beautiful day.

The only photo I saved from Friday was Poppy passed out on Rick's lap. This was after she turned into a dog possessed, tearing around and around the house and biting at everything and everyone. All three of us finally had to put our feet down, so to speak, and do some training before we and our house were shredded! It was tough at first, but she is smart, and therefore trainable.

This morning Brian turned on an episode of "House" for us to watch before starting his homework (Rick stayed in bed late, taking it easy as per doctor's orders). Poppy stretched out on the floor and watched with us – so cute!

This evening it was all hands on deck to change Poppy's splint; tough terriers don't like to be restrained. I hoped to take photos of her leg but didn't have a spare hand. The paw is no longer swollen but her carpus is hyperextended, which is to be expected from wearing the splint. It will take some time for everything to strengthen and straighten back out once she has healed up.

I did take a photo of Bing Saturday morning; he was quietly enjoying some attention.

I snapped this photo between today's showers: Everything seems very early this year.

That's it for now from . . .

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Hail fellows, weather fair

Since Mohammed can't go to the mountains right now, a little Cairn terrier mountain mound came to Mohammed. Yesterday after work (above), friend Debbie brought Murphy over for a visit. Not only did I get to enjoy a chat with my friend, Poppy was able to continue that oh-so-important canine socialization we started last week.

Murphy got in my lap so Poppy had to join her
They went outside together, too, since we're enjoying a stretch of glorious weather, but Chuckie wasn't being very hospitable. In fact, once he hissed and swatted at Murphy but got Poppy instead, which confused my pup and only served to make Chuckie more annoyed. When he started going on the offensive towards poor Murphy (who has a friendly cat at her house) we decided inside the house was a better playground.

Chuckie was back to his usual tolerant self today:

It's amazing that these croci survived to see the sun, since Poppy and Chuckie love to wrestle in their bed. You can see how trampled the daffodil leaves look in the photo of Poppy, above.

This morning dawned clear and sunny again. Poppy played, basked, relaxed, and took a nap – then did it all over again and again.

During one of her naps I managed to get both horses exercised. I rode Lance past the plowed up lot that once held the best peach orchard around; the owner tore out half of it a year ago, and just a week or so ago we heard heavy machinery tearing out the other half and saw billows of smoke ascend from the burn piles created by the trees. I feel a little ill at the loss of all those productive Canadian Harmony trees, but there wasn't a blasted thing I could do about it. 

The only constant is change.

That's it for now from . . .