Friday, October 15, 2021

Subject: Skyscapes

Since I am apparently incapable of composing a coherent, comprehensive post (credit the chaos in our casa), I will have to content myself with sharing a current collection of sky shots with no commentary. The last two were taken a couple miles from our house at the Willamette River; all the rest were taken from various locations on our hill at various times of the day. I do love autumn skies. 😍

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Saturday, October 09, 2021


It's hard to get a photo of the breeding group together,
because Spot always leaves the girls to come see me

Same story, different day

What the ram wants (Bridget, too)

My photo file is getting so full that I've decided to 'divide and conquer' topics to loose the log jam that's preventing me from posting. In the interest of documentation, the subject of sheep moved to the top of the list today because I saw Spot breed Bette. Hmmm, we could get St. Patty's Day lambs; that might inspire a naming theme! Not that there are any guarantees, of course; last year, the only ewe I saw bred (Sarai) didn't settle.

Vienna, aka 'Grandma'

Bing, not being a Bing-a-ling

Mostly blind Bittersweet going all in on the lovin', once he felt safe

In the Sheep Sheraton, young and old are doing well. My usually-shy wethers are enjoying attention, Vienna is still eager for her twice-daily special ration, and baby Berlin has become quite the love bug. I took some videos of one of our love-fests:

The two groups of sheep are getting along so well that it's tempting to leave them as is for the winter. The main drawback is the possibility of having lambing season spread out over months instead of weeks if the four ewes with Spot didn't settle right away.

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Monday, September 27, 2021


I've been taking the same pano shot (east to west, facing due south) for two weeks. As they say in the informercials: "Just add water!"

From the greening grass of home at . . .

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Right on cue

Yesterday was warm – in the 80s. Last night felt balmy, like the summer evening it was – the last summer evening of the year. Yay! 😁

This morning fall kicked uff with a lovely sunrise. I took a couple shots off the deck, then took Poppy out for a potty walk. As I rounded the north side of the house, there was Mt. Hood surrounded by glorious color. Score!

The rest of the day was mostly cloudy and cooler. I had a haircut scheduled for noon in nearby Amity, so Poppy and I left early so she could have a playdate with her sister Penny. Yes, this is how Deckers do fun  (this, and running FAST). 🤣

We're not quite through with summer weather, which is good because I need to pick bush beans, tomatoes, and basil. But next week looks like sweater weather!

Welcoming the change of seasons at . . .

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

And rain it did!

We got 2.2 inches over the weekend, the most in a 24-hour period since January 16! Sunday was dry except for a few sprinkles and the rest of the week is supposed to be in the 70s and 80s. I expect the garden to get a boost, weeds to germinate like crazy (it would be great if the beets do, too!), and the grass to start greening up faster than it would seem possible. (I took a panoramic shot of the upper and middle pastures last week; I'll take a companion shot in a week to show the difference.)

Thanks to the coming rain kicking our rears into high gear, Rick and I made fresh-pressed muskat grape juice and steamed concord (mixed white and purple) grape juice with the grapes he picked, and I put much of what I picked on Friday in the dehydrator – one tray of cherry tomatoes, two trays of tomatillos, and two trays of eggplant. I'm looking forward to putting these into hearty stews this winter; yum. Next on the seasonal agenda is picking apples and making applesauce (me), mowing the pastures and spreading manure (Rick, once he gets the radiator replaced on the Kubota).

In the breeding shed, things quieted down quickly. First Blaise, then Bridget hung out with Spot; I haven't observed who is his 'favorite' at the moment. Spot is taking his flocksire role in stride this year instead of the frantic excitement of last year. He's slimmed down some, too, which is fine; he was looking rather portly. He still loves his chin rubs, as did Blaise on Sunday.
Bridget and Spot

Bernadette and Bette


Last Sabbath Rick had to go on a call near the coast, so Poppy and I rode along. After the vet call we drove to the beach, and managed to hit a dry spell for a walk. As always, Poppy zeroed in on the seagulls; she desperately wants to catch one and hauls on the lead like a sled dog. In fact, she hit the end of the retractible leash so hard it broke, and off she raced, into the surf! I shrieked and Rick took off after her. Fortunately she didn't get swept away, and after a few moments actually saw and heard Rick and returned to him. Whew; I really thought we might never be able to catch her again when there are seagulls to chase all along the beach. I had brought along a regular leash for just such an emergency, so we continued our walk with that.

Just before that retractible leash snapped!

That line in the sand is Poppy digging in  and pulling

All's well that ends well at . . .