Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Drool-worthy fleece and flock dynamics

I got an unexpected block of time this evening when Brian persuaded his dad to take him to fencing class, and I knew exactly how to use it!
I thought I'd be rooing Bali, but her fleece was too tight – and she was too jumpy – to do that. I decided to make it easier on both of us and scissor-sheared her. She still wanted to leap around, but settled down after I got after her a couple times.

Here's a shot of her parted fleece before I started:
She had a good 3" or more of staple length, and I was able to get her fleece off in one piece. It is sooo tempting to keep this lovely first shearing for myself, but I'm afraid it would languish for years before I found time to spin it. Someone needs to take it off my hands, quick!

When I turned Bali out to join the ewes and lambs out in the pasture, you'd think she was an alien by how she was treated.

Don't worry; she didn't get hurt and everything was copacetic when I put them in the fold for the night.

It will be hard to say good-bye to this lovely young lady on Sunday (and to shy little Marta, too). Even Rick, who often complains about how many sheep we have, said with disappointment, "You're selling the friendly one, huh?"

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Local color

My island plantings are a riot of color and texture right now.
I've never been to Hawaii, but can't imagine it's any prettier than my own "backyard." ;-)

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Monday, April 27, 2015

On the move

I just learned today that Marta (black gulmoget, above) and Bali Hai will be going to their new home on Sunday. (Yes, it's true; I'm selling sheep!) Marta was sheared earlier this month, but Bali's fleece is in the rise so my shearer left her for me to roo. I'd better get busy and roo it – or lose it!

Brosna will join Marta and Bali when she's weaned. I was hoping they could all go together as that is less stressful, but hopefully Brosna will find the two familiar faces in the flock when she joins them later.

I also have someone interested in a polled ram. I have four to choose from, and will probably let the buyer take her pick in spite of my preferences about who stays and who goes; we'll see. FYI; I still have rams, fiber wethers and fleeces available!


This "Music Monday," I have photos for you instead of video. Gertrude, one of Brian's violin teacher's three cats, is the queen of her comely castle and a lovely model. I took the "still life" last week, and "lounging Cleocatra" this week.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

First day of school

This morning I decided it was time to start halter-training.
All four lambies were star pupils, with only one "fish flop" (Belfast) among them.

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Eye candy

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Growing beauties

Behold, the first iris to bloom at Boulderneigh:

This lovely variety is in both our long crescent-shaped iris bed and in a solo clump in the island flower bed. We aren't going to have a good showing of iris this year; that long bed is in serious need of an overhaul. It's choked with weeds, disrupted by rodents, and probably in need of dividing. Maybe bored little faeries will transform it on moonlit nights; I can't see the humans getting to it in the foreseeable future!

I turned the ewes and lambs out this afternoon for the short time we were home. The lambs are getting so big – probably because they are getting the hang of gobbling up that green, green grass!

Here are the lambs and both mamas, with blooming broom in the background.

The sheep have shown an appetite for broom this year. Maybe I can hire them out to help eradicate this noxious weed!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Music men

Consider this "Music Monday" – on a Wednesday. ;-)

Several weeks ago I took this photo at Brian's violin lesson. I call it "Happy Feet."

This week, Brian graduated from a couple fiddle tunes, with accompaniment by his teacher on bouzouki. Here's hoping listening to it gives you happy feet!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Compass points

Even when I don't get to spend much time at home, our little piece of heaven blesses me. Above is my current view when I step out of the garage in the morning to head to the barn, with leafing out Sunset maples and a Pink Walloper rhodie on either side of the steps in the foreground, lawn and lilacs in the middle distance, and our barn/sheep fold beyond. The camera is pointing ESE.

This evening while riding my horse, I stopped and captured the view above. The arena is in the foreground, barn and sheep in the pasture in the middle distance, with our home beyond. Coincidentally, the camera is pointing WNW. It is all "home sweet home."

Thankful, at . . .

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Seaside souvenirs (a photo tsunami)

Fair warning: There are a LOT of photos, and there are NONE of lambs. ;-)  They are all from Easter weekend at our church's women's retreat on the Oregon coast.

We've stayed in the same beautifully appointed house – The Dawn Treader – the last three years. Kate and I shared a king-sized bed next to those three little windows on the top floor straight up from the white SUV in the driveway.
This is one of the most pleasing developments I have ever seen. High density, but every house and cottage and garage is different and charming, with lots of lovely landscaping and decorative touches to delight the eye. It is built in a little valley between the previously developed cliff above the beach and the high ground of the town beyond – a really bad place to be in a tsunami! Of course, I wouldn't want to be perched on the cliff, either. (You couldn't pay me enough to stay in some of those houses!) The most direct route to the beach is down a long flight of stairs.
The first morning we got to the top of the cliff just as the morning sun hit the waves. Incredible! (Click to biggify.)
Later that day we walked down to the tide pools. There was a alarming dearth of starfish, illustrating the news reports of a massive West Coast die-off. On the other hand, I've never before seen so many hermit crabs!
I'm so glad I went. This place feeds my soul!

Oh, and I do have actual souvenirs, besides photos.
(The oyster shells were in a big pile on an empty lot.) I plan to wire-wrap these when I have time . . . someday . . . at