Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Departures, now and later

Duane and Jeannie picked up Banjo this morning. My little Eeyore joins their two new ewe lambs in quarantine for awhile before joining their bigger flock of fiber pets - including Boulderneigh Beau and Boulderneigh Boo, Brava's boys from last year. If Rick ever gets around to castrating Bodhran (and no one buys him intact before then), he'll join his twin brother eventually.

Katie's little boy Bardas will be moving north in September as a potential flock sire. This handsome dark brown lamb shows a lot of promise:That's not light fiber coming in; that's luster! And the handle? Silky-soft.

Bardas' gulmoget twin Byzantine is tentatively slated to go home with Lois (from whom I got Katie) in September as well.

Dinah and Browning say, "The more who leave, the better; more hay for us!" Dinah and her offspring (including yearling daughter Bronwen) are definitely my aggressive-feeding, easy-keeping "piggy sheep"!

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Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Lovely lambs! Bardas is very that cheek and poll wool. :)

Happy Milestones, too!

Unknown said...

So are your favorite shades of Shetlands the brown tones? I am tending to really like them myself! I loved yarn color from your previous post Michelle:)

Michelle said...

I don't know, Kristi; in some ways that is such a funny question because I've NEVER been a "brown" person! I do like having brown in my flock because it's recessive to black, and I don't want to lose the recessive genetics.