Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another record

Our first eight-egg day! All our pullets are laying now, and both the Easter Eggers lay lovely green eggs! This is the eighth (and cleanest); Brian collected seven eggs earlier (but broke one), and all of them were muddy. I need to clean out the henhouse and put down thick, fresh shavings to help combat the mud from outside. The weatherman said last night that we've gotten twice the normal amount of rain so far this month, and it's still raining. A lot.

Annabelle is so big that she's surely carrying twins. I wonder; could she set a record by being the first ewe at Boulderneigh to produce triplets?

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~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

We had an unexpected set of triplets; Babs, the daughter of my full Dorset (who trips more than twins) was so wide, I was worried that it was very large twins as she's never had triplets before, but this morning she did it! One of them is having the same problem that the tunis lamb had, splay-legged and unable to lift her self up easily, but she's getting better; another has a hock turned back and is dragging that foot (will deal with it tomorrow after talking with Laura); the third is doing great. They are all healthy but again, the lack of energy that you usually see in lambs is just not there. I am kicking myself for not putting in minerals, as I'm sure that is the problem.

Shula said...

I had two sets of triplets last year and both sets did very well. One of the lambs was a little crooked but after a little banamine so she was up to running around she quickly straightened out. Good luck with Annabelle. Oh and great stuff with all the egss, I love the Easter Eggers for the different colors they give.