Friday, July 23, 2010

Until inspiration strikes...

...I'll keep spinning!

I did buy another Turkish spindle from Threadsthrutime, this one in spalted tamarin (whorls) and ebony (shaft); I know, I'm weak. :-/ But before I could take it on its maiden spin, I decided to use its shaft to hold the lavender cop while deciding how to ply it. I know, Paisley's shaft could have held it just as well, but the white fiber I decided to spin next needed Paisley's pretty colors to keep it interesting!
This unidentified fiber came with a laceweight top whorl spindle I traded for last year. I don't know what it is, but it is soft and spins up beautifully. That also describes the white alpaca that is still occupying my wheel....

I've been inclined all along to ply the lavender with black, partly because I think I'd like it and partly because I have a black single available for instant gratification (more weakness). Then someone on Ravelry suggested the palest of yellow as the perfect complementary color for plying; I'd have to spin and dye a single for that. This bumble bee demonstrates that both black and pale yellow look very good with lavender; is he suggesting a three-ply?

That's it for now from . . .


  1. If you use yellow in any form, it can potentially clash with the lavender, or make it "jiggle" - like your eyes are moving but they aren't. Since there are other colors in your yarn, I'd stick with a more neutral color. There are "chromatic" neutrals, and dusky purple is one... Bring some yarn when you come to visit, and I'll dye it for you...

  2. I tried out my new Turkish spindle last night, but had trouble figuring out how to tie on/get started. I couldn't wind on as neat as you either. I'm not hooked yet, but figure I'm just a couple youtube videos away... ;-).

  3. Laura is queen of dye - let me say that up front. And if it's not good, then she's the queen of overdye. I've learned over the years to listen to Laura. That's not to say that I don't have a weakness for black. You know I do:)


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