Friday, May 28, 2010

Romancing the branch; scaring the shepherd

Animals keep life interesting, don't they? For all the heartache we suffer when their too-short lives end, they give us such affection, amusement, a reason to "get up and at 'em" - and occasionally, heart palpatations!

Right now Katie is the itchiest sheep ever. I chalk it up to her advanced state of pregnancy and tightly stretched skin. I daily rub and scritch her all over (even on her head, Lois!) and she just swoons, swaying and wagging her little tail and half-closing her eyes in pleasure. But a girl's gotta scratch when a girl's gotta scratch, so when I'm not available she finds an accommodating branch.

Those who have been following this blog for awhile know that Inky has tried to give me heart attacks before. Still, no matter how many times I have seen her stretched flat out on her side looking dead to the world, it still makes my heart leap in my chest to find her like this, as I did this morning.

It appears that my Batik iris, one of the few I've purchased, is a no-show this year. I'm disappointed, but by no means left bereft:
Yesterday our farrier came out to give the horses their pedicures. One of them needed some special shoes, which the farrier "built" from scratch (yes, he's a real farrier, not just a horseshoer), and as he was working I thought, "Oh, I should grab my camera!" I am rather pleased with the shots SOOC (straight out of camera), although I can't help but think an artist like Country Girl or Pioneer Woman could do something truly special with them. Anyway, if you are interested in such things, I put up a few of the photos on my dressage blog.

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Anonymous said...

Love the first picture! I immediately thought of Nancy K's picture from a few days ago with the lamb and the branch "stuck in his head". There's a line of pithy "Get-Well" cards there for someone more quick-witted than I!

Katie in WI

Country Girl said...

What do you mean what I could have done with them? I think your photos are great! I didn't know you had a dressage blog. Those farrier shots were good, too.
Love your beautiful iris here. And when you said you were 'disappointed but by no means bereft'.
Perfect explanation.

(thanks for the shout out)!

Shula said...

Inkys eyes open are a little disconcerting and lol at Katie and her branch.

Sharon said...

Those are great pictures - thanks for thinking to grab your camera. I cannot image keeping up with two blogs - that's impressive!!

Karen said...

I can relate to the 'laid like they're dead' sightings. Especially when you see one like that on it's own. I think they are just so sound asleep they don't realize the others have wandered away. We have a 14 year old ewe, so I always worry the odd time I see her laid like that!

You certainly have some lovely iris:)

Claire MW said...

Gorgeous irises Michelle! Mine have been putting on a good show too. I just wish they would last longer! Beautiful lamb shots in the previous posting too - I wish mine were that interested in getting some love! I only have one like that.