Friday, May 07, 2010

Maybe sooner rather than later?

Katie's due date is May 31, based on an observed January 4 breeding. I pity the poor girl four more weeks of gestation, as she is already waddling.

Since I didn't have the date Katie went in with the ram, I emailed Lois for that yesterday. Turns out Katie joined Constantine in the honeymoon suite on Dec. 19 - 16 days before her observed breeding date. That means she could have been cycling when first introduced to the ram - and could be due next week! Hmmm; looks feasible:
But Katie's not telling!

In other sheepy news, Barry lost a horn yesterday. I noticed it was loose, and there were some scrapes around his eye. I think he caught it on something and struggled. Anyway, it was hanging by a "thread," so I helped it off. As small as they are, I'm wondering if he is actually is a half-poll.

And for all his well-wishers, here's Blake. With the extra handling, minimal though I try to keep it, he's getting less skittish - and still seems to be holding his own!

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Cynthia said...

One of the hard part of those coats is that you cannot see her body. The dropped lambs are so obvious when you can see hips. The ewes go from a sleek top-line (with huge kowabunga belly) to a space at the hip plus belly, then to a deep space at the hips and a very dropped belly. That coat hides all the lovely drama.

The waddle really doesn't tell much. I have seen these ewes go to the point of having to throw their legs at absolute angles to move. Still, your girl does look pretty ready to go. Take her coat off if you want to see her progress in relationship to her belly.

Michelle said...

Believe it or not Cynthia, you CAN see the space in front of the hips when the lambs drop on a coated ewe, as long as she is not in full fleece. Katie hasn't dropped there much, but it won't surprise me to see it happen in the next week. Her udder is developing rapidly, and her vulva is just starting to "fluff up." I'm trying not to get too excited about earlier lambs, but I do think it could happen!

Juliann said...

Blake has presence, what a nice little ram lamb he is!

Molly Bee said...

Feasible? Looks likely to the untrained eye. I hope she is due next week for her sake! LOL