Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Just" flowers

Not as in "Oh, those old things" (could anybody feel that way?) but as in "exclusively."

The irises are starting to steal the rhodies' thunder. I just love iris, and they love NW Oregon; how felicitous! I was hoping they would start blooming while Rick's mother was here, but they were a week too late.

Most of our iris were given to us by a neighbor. I purchased a few, and a couple others were here when we bought the place. First to open are the burgundy/rust ones (we have a preponderance of them):
Three other colors opened today, too; this white one:
This variety in the island bed:(I took this one too late in the day for good light.)

And one of my favorites:I purchased it because of its name ("Mohr Pretender" - Mohr is my maiden name), but I think it's beautiful, too.

My artsy-fartsy shot of the day:
This bright bud will probably open tomorrow:
Our pink dogwood really is a pathetic performer as a flower factory, but it is a pretty little tree when leafed out:
With such a profusion of loveliness around me, you wouldn't think I would feel the need for any more, would you? Well, you would be wrong. On Tuesday I saw this giant hanging basket of self-dead-heading petunias in the most interesting color, and decided to treat myself to a late Mother's Day present. :-)
Tomorrow we are having sheep visitors - yay!

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Mama Mess said...

I love iris! My mom is going to give me some of hers once we get our fencing redone, so I will be planting it along a weathered wooden fence. Beautiful! Thanks for a peek into your beautiful flowers!

Marie said...

Beautiful iris! And wonderful pictures!! I am going to an iris farm this weekend with a friend! Can't wait to see all the different colors. I really like siberian iris because their foilage stays green and pretty after the blooms are gone. And then I just heard about double blooming iris? They bloom in spring and again in fall. Hope to see some of them as well. It is going to be hard deciding which to bring home with me!!

Michelle said...

You're welcome, Goodwife!

Marie, I love the Siberian iris as well. I used to have some at a different house. The double-blooming iris haven't performed for me and Schreiner's (the big grower near us) says there is no guarantee that they will. Just sometimes. Maybe you'll get lucky!

Donna said...

I happen to LOVE your "artsy-fartsy" shot of the day! It's gorgeous! I think I have ONE white Iris from my Mom's piggy backed it's way in with some other perennials that she gave me. The first year it blossomed she said, "Hey...that's mine! I didn't mean to give you THAT one!" Every year it blooms I think of her...she was a hoot! She had beautiful gardens and now I do, too, because of her many gifts of perennials over the years...except for that white Iris that I "stole"! LOL

re'New said...

I really like iris's... Had to leave a huge cluster of them when I moved :(

C-ingspots said...

Oooh, I love iris too!! And, I especially love your artsy fartsy photo! Very nice...