Sunday, May 02, 2010

And then there were eight

Today my friends and neighbors came over with their grandkids to see all the farm animals, with Brian as their escort. When they stopped by to see the chickens, everyone noticed one chicken who didn't look, well, very alive. Brian raced to the house for me, and sure enough, one of the Rhode Island Reds was very dead. All nine chickens were fine late this morning, and the dead hen showed no signs of trauma or hen-pecking; she was just - dead!

Brava continues to ail. This morning I gave her another Probios bolus and B vitamin shot, and then got Rick to look her over. She was grinding her teeth, so he gave her a shot of Banamine. She isn't running a temp, but her guts were quiet - too quiet. Rick says she looks and acts like a cow with hardware disease. We will continue with supportive care and hope for the best.

I have two big "off-campus events" to share with you, but they are photo- (and therefore time-) intensive and I don't have a lot of time right now with company here. Stay tuned!

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thecrazysheeplady said...

Ugh. In a sad coincidence I walked in from doing chores tonight and said "and then there were 9" to Tim. Horrible rain here and the chickens were hanging out in the horse stalls and T-Bone must have stepped on one of the brown and black fuzzy footed old hens. I am so sad.

Do you have the Lawson books? If not, they are a great reference to keep on hand. Your ewe doesn't sound good :-/.

Marie said...

I hope Brava comes around soon. I think not knowing what is going on is worse than treating for something you know. Good luck.

Mama Mess said...

I'm sorry to hear about Brava not doing so well. Hardware disease stinks because of the limits on what you can do. Of course being married to a vet may give you a leg up on that process..........lets hope that isn't the trouble! Good luck with her!

Mom L said...

I am sorry about your chicken - I've learned through these blogs that chickens are NOT just chickens, they are beautiful birds!

I hope for the best for Brava.

Nancy in Iowa

Shula said...

Sorry about your chicken and I hope Brava is feeling better soon. How are you feeling now? All well I hope.