Monday, May 17, 2010

The hardest job

Last night Rick helped me band Barry and Banjo. Rick sympathizes because he's a guy. I feel bad because they're my babies.

I really thought it would be hardest on Barry, because he's the biggest of the lambs (in every way). But little Banjo was the one who whimpered and cried, and then acted like his hind legs couldn't bend when I put him down. I told him that the dirty deed means that he gets to live a long and happy life as a loved and spoiled fiber pet, but he wasn't listening. Indeed, he was far away in the house of pain. They did seem somewhat better this morning, poor babies. I left everyone in today because it was raining this morning and I'm away from home all afternoon and evening (the little sheep don't know and trust Rick when it's time to come in for the night).

Blake and Bodhran get to hang free and easy until Black Sheep Gathering at least. After that, if no one is interested in purchasing him as a flock sire (let's make a deal!), Bodhran will be wethered since I have his dam, half sister and half brother. He is the mellowest lamb of the bunch, with such a beautiful head and nice conformation; I think he'll make a great ram OR fiber pet. We'll see what happens with Blake. He has a home with Banjo if he ends up as a wether; otherwise he'll stay here for further evaluation as a flock sire. He's getting friendlier; I'm watching that.

Blake shows great breed type with his woolly poll and cheeks. So far his tail is within the breed standard, if not ideal. Now Blackberry has the perfect tail, IMHO:Short but still covering the essentials, fluke-shaped, with wool on the upper two-thirds and a hair tip.

Here's the latest debut in the iris bed:Pretty in pink!

As I mentioned, it was raining this morning. I'll take credit; I watered the garden yesterday. I knew if I didn't water the garden, the chance of rain in the forecast wouldn't materialize; I figured double watering was better than none. And because I didn't think we got enough, I washed my car this afternoon. It worked; it's raining again!

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HisTek said...

Nice photos again. You are a great photographer. old can lambs be before it is too late to band them? I have a 5 week old ram lamb (one of Bluster's) that I'd like to band but am afraid I waited too long. I just wanted to be sure his testicles were down.

Michelle said...

You're not too late, Jackie, although I'd do it ASAP now. I've heard many say they have to wait 3-4 weeks for the testes to drop. I've done them at nine weeks, but that was too hard on them I thought. It worked, though, with no infections or other problems.

Theresa said...

Ouch! I've never seen the banding procedure, but plenty of geldings. Hard to say who it's harder on sometimes! THEM!
Lovely pictures and beautiful irises, all of them.

Tammy said...

I think perhaps that Missouri has become Oregon. The rain and cloudy days just go on and on. I hate banding time too. I banded three this year, and had one surgically done, while his brother was checked out. The brother had only one descended testicle so he got to be the first ever 'exploratory surgery on a sheep' for my vet, yesterday. So far the little bugger seems okay. Very sore of course, and minus ALL his jewels. Ask me how much that cost...oh never mind...don't. ;-)

HisTek said...

Yah, I thought I was too late. It just didn't feel like the testicles were dropped down enough to band without pushing one back up. Last year I banded, but it turned out that Grover was cryptorchid and had to be done surgically anyway. So I guess I'll call the vet...

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Isn't that the way it goes!?! I stressed about the windshield wipers all day, got them fixed amazingly and haven't seen a drop of rain all the way to Wenatchee lol