Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Decoration Day

It is a quiet day here, cloudy and occasionally wet. Good thing we got the mowing down yesterday.

I saw the tiny wildflowers above when I was chasing Barry, Bodhran and Banjo back through the woods into their pasture this morning. Previous years' lambs have not ventured into the wooded SE corner where an old panel gate separates their pasture from the wooded corner of our property. But this year's pack of boys often do, easily slipping through and cavorting in the woods while their mothers yell. It is perimeter-fenced but filled with bracken fern, and since youngsters are not known for culinary discretion, we're going to have to block their access with some woven wire.

We wouldn't wanting them leading these tender souls astray!

Remembering those who have served, as well as loved ones laid to rest, at . . .

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Kathy said...

Thank you for remembering, Michelle.