Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday surprises!

1) We got way more moisture than I expected - it might have actually rained for awhile! (That means today's marching orders are weed-weed-weed, while the ground is soft.) :-/

2) After winding my purple singles into a center-pull ball, I called Laura with a plying question. I didn't get an answer - I got LAURA! I think she was tired of packing to move soon, but who am I to crack the whip? She grabbed her combs (to loan to me for Cadbury's and Marta's VM-filled fleeces) and was on the road before we finished talking. Not only did she help me learn to ply more smoothly from a center-pull ball
and teach me how to not kill myself use her combs (those Lincoln lamb locks look strikingly like Laura's hair!),
she gave me a hands-on tutorial in knitting her wonderful colorwork hat formula. LOVE this so far!

We had a great time; what an unexpected treat to have her come.

Before Laura arrived, I spun more of Inky's roving on my myrtle Jenkins Swan, enough that I'm going to start plying with the singles from my Kansas trip:

After she left, I finished plying my merino/silk singles - the most trouble-free plying I've ever experienced!

Apparently, having company exhausted the canine crew. Ha!

What a great way to start the week at . . .


Jenny Holden said...

Very jealous of your professional looking yarns! Quite the expert!

BTW I just found this and thought of you

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

So much fun! I am always regretting that I don't live closer to some of my spinning friends...

Black Sheep said...

OH MY.. What a treat on all fronts.. I would love to have had a hands on demo of combs.. but at least I did not kill myself when learning to use mine, at least I don't think so, did not stab myself either. And WOW.. this is the week I plan to try.. and I mean TRY to learn to ply from a center pull ball.. how long have you been doing it? and of course..I love the dogs..

Mom L said...

I keep thinking there is enough beautiful Calico cat hair in my apt. to knit something magical!

Nancy in Iowa

Unknown said...

That blue and olive color is beautiful! One day I will get to learning all that fun stuff you do with your wool;)