Friday, July 29, 2011

Flock Friday

I've featured all my sheep on my blog at one time or another, but occasionally I get a question from a reader on just who I have now. There have been a number of transitions here this year, so I thought I'd put all the current sheep together in one post for those of you who are curious, and for my own record-keeping. I didn't try for conformation shots; for the most part these are "just" meet-the-flock photos, from youngest to oldest. (Names or sire/dam names are hot links to NASSA pedigree pages.)

Bart, twin grey bersugget half-poll ramling (Blake x Annabelle). For sale as a ram prospect until wethered for a fiber pet - preferrably the latter as I've been giving him lots of scritches with "pet" in mind, and he likes it. Gorgeous fleece along with nice everything else.

Boulderneigh Bonny, single musket gulmoget ewe lamb. For sale; 2012 fleece reserved if she doesn't sell first. This is the first Boulderneigh lamb out of two Boulderneigh-prefix parents; she has fantastic conformation and dense, soft, long fleece (it remains to be seen how fine it is). She's a real sweetheart, too!

Kimberwood Marta, unproven yearling black gulmoget ewe. Very refined ewe with soft fleece and excellent micron test results. Will be bred this fall to Bunker.

WhitePine Sarai, unproven yearling black katmoget ewe. SO straight and square, with extremely soft fleece (not tested yet). I've wanted a katmoget ewe for a long time; Sarai was worth waiting for! Will be bred this fall to Bunker.

Kimberwood Cadbury, unproven moorit gulmoget half-poll ram. Even softer and finer than his half-sister Marta. I hope he crosses well with Annaebelle, who is very different in type.

Whistlestop Bunker, unproven yearling white half-poll ram. The buyer of his 2011 fleece has reserved his 2012 fleece; said it was "the most beautiful fleece in the world . . . the lightest, softest, most perfect fleece that I have ever felt. Sheer joy!"

Boulderneigh Blake, proven yearling musket smooth-poll ram. Will probably sit out the 2011 breeding season so I can see what the other two rams can produce. The buyer of his 2011 fleece has reserved his 2012 fleece; said it was "so fine and crimpy, sooo different from Shetland roving I have bought in the past."

Boulderneigh Bramble, unproven two-year-old fawn gulmoget ewe. Didn't settle last year. Have been planning to put her with Bunker (in order to up the odds of discovering whether he's Awt/Awt) but Blake is proven so he may be the better choice to up her odds of getting pregnant. But I think Cadbury would give me the best lambs from her. I've got to decide which goal is most important!

Browning, three-year-old moorit iset wether (Braveheart x Dinah). Brian's sheep.

Whistlestop 0338 AI (Annabelle), proven eight-year-old white half-poll ewe. Will be bred this fall to Cadbury. Buyer of her 2011 fleece has reserved her 2012 fleece. She came wild and unhandled; now she is my friend. (-:

Kaleidoscope Holly Orchid, ten-year-old black half-poll ewe. Retired - and tired.

BTW, can you name the two sheep currently in my flock who are also in my header photo?

That's the flock – for now – at . . .


A :-) said...

Um . . . did I miss Inky? Or is she the last one?

Michelle said...

Yep, that last photo is of Inky, flat out in the sun in her best "scare the shepherd" pose.

Sheila said...

I read the post twice trying to figure out where Inky was? Glad to see that she is relaxing. I know nothing about sheep, but always enjoy seeing them, they all have there own little personalities. Have a great weekend.

Mac said...

very nice!!!, also blake and bramble are in the header picture :-)

Michelle said...

Mac, you deserve some kind of prize for your correct answer! (-:

Deb W said...

You have a LOT more than I thought you did! There for a while, it seemed like you were selling nearly all your stock.

I must confess, I miss Braveheart. Such a cool name.

Michelle said...

Deb, I must confess that I often slip and call Blake by his daddy's name....