Thursday, July 14, 2011

The B boys

Yesterday I took a long-overdue drive to visit the B boys - Beau, Boo, Banjo and Bodhran. The Wrights have created a sheepy paradise for their fiber flock, waiting on them hoof and hoof; my Boulderneigh wethers could not have found a better home!

They weren't too sure about the "stranger" at first (click to biggify):
The B boys are yearling Banjo, third from left; Banjo's twin Bodhran, third from right; two-year-old Boo, second from right; and Boo's twin Beau, far right.

Eventually they came to the barn with the enticement of corn, and I got to feed them goodies. Banjo and Bodhran were by far the friendliest; Banjo still has the most adorable face and Bodhran reminds me so much of his dam Inky.
Beau kept his distance for the most part, but Boo warmed up:

When Jeannie showed me their kennel-turned-mostly-sheep-fold (they raised and showed American Water Spaniels for years), all the sheep followed us in to the clean and tidy "people" space:
Can you believe they kept it that way? House-trained sheep!

Don't tell the B boys, but I wasn't there just to see them. Jeannie is an accomplished quilter, and had offered to help me get started on my appliqued quilt wall hangings. Remember the prize I offered for my lambing contest? The one that Ruth won waaay back in March? Um, yeah. Jeannie had helped me choose fabrics awhile back, but I was still intimidated by my first quilting project ever. So she invited me down to work in her quilting studio, a beautiful, light-filled space filled with all the nifty tools of her craft (and Ted, her constant companion):
With her help and tools, several hours later I had the beginnings of four wall hangings, two of each color scheme. Which color scheme do you like best, Ruth?

Never fear, I'm still spinning every day for the Tour de Fleece. Here was my progress at the end of day 12:
Same tools, same fiber, just growing amounts of singles.

That's it for today from . . .


Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

If I keep reading your blog until fall, I will HAVE to get out my cards and fleeces.

Anonymous said...

I think I like the one on the right... It matches my living room colors more. I'm excited, but you've got lots to keep you busy, so no rush.

Mary Ann said...

Okay, I know they have coats to keep their fleeces clean, but do they wear them in the heat, too? They are such handsome boys!

Michelle said...

I hope you do, Nellie!

You've got it, Ruth!

Yes, Mary Ann, they wear their coats ALL the time. (-:

thecrazysheeplady said...

Yeesh, I feel like a moron. No wonder I'm having trouble winding on my spindle. I've got it put together UPSIDE DOWN. Where on earth did I come up with that?!?

Sharon said...

I find fiber is a comprehensive artistic expression. I will probably always spin and knit but I make room for weaving, which might be the equivalent of quilting for you. I do think they're important arts to express our nature - created in His likeness.