Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer showers

Yesterday and today we awoke to raindrops; not rain, but the light drizzle so typical of here. (Sometimes I yearn for a good ol' Midwestern toad-drowner, with thunder and lightning!) Not much accumulation, but every little bit helps.

Rick and Brian took off after chores to check on a couple horses and pick up a very special something that has a certain lad positively quivering with excitement. A client offered us a go-cart their child had outgrown. It needs work, but that will be part of the fun, I'm sure. So I am going to wind off my pretty purple singles, which I finished spinning last night. Woot!
Plying (and meeting two of my team goals for the Tour de Fleece), here I come!

This morning I found Sarai uncovered, her coat trampled into the bedding. My quilting friend Jeannie had loaned me two size C coats, so I put my one size C on Sarai. After Marta is sheared tomorrow she'll get one, too (I think Cadbury might take a size D), leaving one for Bonny once I get her cleaned up. I'll do the sheep shuffle (Browning and Bart to the Ram-ada Inn; Sarai and Marta to the corner pen of the Sheep Sheraton to get acquainted with the other ewes) after shearing.

That's it for today from . . .


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

We get the toad-drowner, or thunder bumpers as we call them, often with very little rain but sometimes true gully washers. a little drizzle would be welcome :)
Beautiful spinning, do you post on the TdF group?

Mom L said...

We've had quite a few of those toad-drowners (I LOVE that expression!) lately, just adding to the Missouri River flood miseries. I'm 8 miles from the river and safe, but the bridge connecting my town to historic Decatur, NE was closed almost 3 weeks ago because the river has eaten away at the Iowa side.

Your sheep are beautiful! And please, for Heaven's sake, get a fan for Dream!!!

Nancy in Iowa

Tina T-P said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how that purple yarn comes out!

Toad drowners? Not heard that one :-) T.

Theresa said...

We got your toad drowner, gully washer down here. Very unusual for sure. Lightening started a fire up on Soda Mountain. At least it wasn't tinder dry. Very cool summer so far and I rather like it that way!

Michelle said...

Yes, Becky, I do post in the various TdF forums.

Nancy, no fans needed here; we're in one of the few spots in the country that aren't blistering hot (I'm with Theresa; I like it that way!). Dream lives in Minnesota, poor dear!

Tina, the purple yarn is done; ready to skein and wash. Photos as soon as I can!