Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Puppy post

Jackson is growing fast. He's eating five-six cups of Puppy Chow a day. I haven't weighed him in 2 1/2 weeks; he was 19.5 pounds then. He is going to be a BIG Aussie!

Jackson is very interested in the sheep. He wants to play with them, which isn't helpful when I'm moving them from fold to field and back. I'm going to have to put him on a leash for those times, to teach him to listen to me instead of getting so excited about running and "playing" with the sheep. This morning I let the sheep teach him a bit, too. After I let the breeding group out he got them all consternated and they ran back into the fold. Jackson followed, so I shut the gate. Braveheart and Valentine both butted him (not hard), and Jackson decided he wanted OUT. But once I got the sheep in their lot, Braveheart and Jackson had some male-bonding time through the fence.
Notice Braveheart's dreamy expression?

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Lauren Dorsee Dillon said...

I love how in the second-to-last photo, Jacksom seems to be hamming it up for the camera. what a cutie!

Sharon said...

Your post was the perfect way to end this day. Hope more Jackson posts are on the horizon. The sleeping puppy could be on a greeting card!