Monday, January 07, 2008

Hurray - my horse is home!

Yesterday we brought Russell home from Bald Peak Rehab Center. It was hard not to have him here on New Year's Day so I could indulge in my yearly habit of bringing in the new year on horseback, but he's here now and I'm happy. Rick still needs to ultrasound his front and rear suspensory ligaments to see if they are healed, but he gave me the go ahead to ride him carefully, avoiding small circles, lateral work and anything else that would put extra strain on his hind leg (the area Rick is most concerned). With five weeks of underwater treadmill work, he's fit and feeling good!
Yesterday I also got my friend's shawl washed and blocked. This is the replacement for the project I lost on the plane in November, made out of yarn Tammy so generously spun and gave me in exchange for knitting her MIL a shawl. My friend's birthday is Friday, and I know she'll love it. I couldn't truly capture the beautiful colors of this yarn; there's a teal and purple seacell mix plied in with the blue Shetland.
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Tammy W. said...

Hi Michelle - wonderful that your horse has made it home. It must make you very happy.
The shawl is also very nice - I'm glad you like the yarn. I really liked that colour mix as well.

Kathy said...

Cool Beans! on both Russell coming home and the shawl! I sure hope that Russell has healed well and, with time, will continue to stay sound. (I always hated it when one of our horses was in pain for any reason)

And your knitting just keeps getting better and better, my friend. So, when are you going to spin up one of your fleeces and make one of the sweaters in The Sweater Workshop? :)