Sunday, January 20, 2008

Miserable yarn

This is my current knitting project. My step-mother wanted to buy me a special skein of yarn from our local yarn shop when she and my dad were here in December. This soft, shiny, silky stuff caught my eye - and it was on sale! It is SilkyChic by Colinette (100% polyamide) in the 70/raphael colorway, made (and hand dyed) in Wales. Exotic, huh?

Last week I finally had a chance to cast on a bias-knit scarf. Had to rip it out three times, losing some yarn because the hairy stuff became impossibly tangled. As you can see, I haven't gotten very far in my current attempt because this is NOT an easy knit. The stuff is so fine and hairy that I have to wear my reading glasses to see my stitches clearly. I'll consider this a good education in what NOT to buy! I do think I'll like the scarf, though, once I suffer through the knitting of it.

Yesterday I gave our good friend Bryan the basketweave scarf I made for him. My timing is good; this week we are forecast to have our coldest temps of the season!

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Kim Nikolai said...

Hi Michelle,
This stuff is hard to knit but knitting a second strand of yarn with out the fuzzies along with it helps you see it a bit better.


Sheepmom said...

I agree with Kim. Also, using a needle size 9 or bigger and kinda giving the yarn a little twist before /as you make the stitch will help too. I do like the colorway.

sheila said...

It is beautiful yarn but I understand what you mean. I have a scarf on my loom right now that is a blue and white mohair and it is soooo sticky and keeps getting tangled together. I use a spray bottle and spritz it with water once in awhile to keep it manageable.