Thursday, May 10, 2007

Too many subjects, not enough time!

Hi there. Yes, I'm still here. My folks left today after a jam-packed visit during the most perfect weather I think they've ever experienced here. (But then, they usually visit during the winter, which is not the best season to visit the Willamette Valley unless you're a salamander.) We had a great time!

But how to get back into blogging? I have photos of assorted family family fun, photos of sheep, photos of flowers, a photo of the BSJ on the needles, and photos of miscellanae to share. I was also nominated by Tina for a Thinking Blogger Award, which deserves a response (meaning I am to list my own five favorite thinking bloggers). If there's anyone out there reading this who has an opinion, let me know. I'll accommodate those kind enough to give me some direction as quickly as I can. (You just need to be aware that SOMEONE has cut the hours in my days in half, leaving me busier than ever and about half addled.)

Waiting for input at . . .


Kathy said...

Aw, Michelle...We know you're tough and can handle anything! ;-)

It's nice to see you back...I was going to call but not much going on here but hot (for us). Last week I was breaking ice on the waterers for the sheep and this week using a fan in the barn to make sure they're cool.

Remember to come up for air once and a while.

Kathy said...

Just think of the blogs you read often who make you stop and think, or even question something. That's what I did. In fact, I ended up having problems choosing just five!

I was going to ask you the name of the book your pattern for the jacket is in - I may have it already and want to follow along!