Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Three little piggies?

Make that four piggy sheepies! Here they are in the morning, running out to pasture for their morning "granola."

Then they crowd around the hay feeder for some yummy orchard grass hay before expending the energy to browse their little pasture. Granted, they graze down what little herbage there is pretty fast (I would LOVE to have more of our pastures "sheep-fenced"), but they often "belly up to the bar" first even when the grass is more plentiful! As a result, they are all in good flesh, to say the least. Since I'm feeling a little "fluffy" myself, perhaps I should start haltering them and taking them on daily walks. It's a good uphill and downhill trek to our mailbox and back, with no loose dogs along the way. Of course, I could just feed them less, but then I would have to listen to their pitiful voices. They ARE easy keepers, these Shetlands!

Oh, one of my favorites is blooming now. It's a species geranium of unknown variety that I picked up at a plant sale. I like the plant's leaves, its habit, and the lovely color of its simple little blossoms.

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Deborah Niemann said...

Hi Michelle,
What do you think of the sheep coats? I've thought about using them, but it seems like it would be a lot of work, and my sheep aren't the friendliest for catching. We just finally sheared about 10-11 days ago, and it took us hours to catch the sheep!