Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Renewed energy for the tasks at hand

Yep, I feel MUCH better today. That meant I could enjoy this day, instead of just slogging through it. Look: beauty (even if it does mean raking)!

Last night during basketball practice I finished my mohair lace scarf with a few yards to spare.
So this morning I spent a little time planning some gift knitting and choosing fiber for the December spinning challenge in the Jenkins YarnTools forum on Ravelry. Camel down!
When I went down to ride my mustang man this afternoon, I saw a little ram lamb where he wasn't supposed to be – nose to nose with his grandpa Blake!
How did Butler get into the chute between the wooded lot and the Ram-ada lot? Fortunately there is a short fence panel across the aisleway on the wooded lot side, but they were testing it. I hustled over to put Butler back where he belonged, checking the gate on the Ram-ada lot end of the chute. Still closed; the little squirt had somehow managed to slip through. I made some minor adjustments and went back to tack up my horse.

Once out in the arena, I looked over and there Butler was again, the wee rascal!
Again I removed him from harm's way, this time blocking the gate on the Ram-ada side of the chute with a piece of plywood and reinforcing a couple of other spots with extra wire. It's not pretty, but it's working:
Bogie was relieved to have his little buddy back, but Butler hasn't been happy since I removed them from next to the girls. He has hollered so much one of the neighbors inquired if all my sheep are okay. Hmmm, diminutive and determined.... maybe I misnamed this guy. Butler never really suited him; perhaps I'll register him as Boulderneigh Bonaparte!

Speaking of the girls, I snapped a few shots while they were out. That's Bree, Butler's Bonaparte's dam, near our welcome sign, followed by the beautiful Bardot, and finally Butler's Bonaparte's twin Bette, still waiting for her clean-up and coat. Isn't she a cutie?

That's it for today – with nary a whine! – from . . .


Retired Knitter said...

Change the name officially. It is way too cute and matches his personality. I love it.

Theresa said...

So glad you are feeling better. Love the Bonaparte name. I think it's a keeper. You'll love spinning the camel. I have some and savor just feeling it!

Susan said...

Bonaparte is perfect! I love his sister, Bette - what a beautiful lamb. I am fascinated by the camel - looking forward to seeing you spin it, virtually speaking. And SO glad you feel better.