Saturday, November 11, 2017

Gentle as a lamb?

What this morning's sunrise lacked in color
was more than compensated for by my big Japanese maple!

I posted a different photo of that tree on Instagram (link at right) this evening, along a photo of Brian shooting a basketball and this:
Based on the girls' reaction when that ball rolled down into the yard, you would have thought an alien spacecraft had landed – too funny!

Later, after putting them in the fold for the night, I sat on the edge of the feeder to pet me some sheeps. Everybody was feeling lovey, but Brigitte and Bardot were downright pushy. They kept jumping up on me, and when that didn't get the response Brigitte wanted, she pawed my HEAD. NOT funny. I hope they are better behaved when a visitor comes tomorrow to meet them and pick up a fleece!

That's it for now from . . .


Claire MW said...

That ball definitely looks like a scary visitor for the flock - I'm sure they were convinced it was about to attack! :)

Kim said...

What color on that Japanese Maple!!!

Michelle said...

It was hilarious, Claire!

Isn't it fabulous, Kim?