Tuesday, November 07, 2017


Our four Blue Wyandottes have grown into big, fluffy girls, although they are still laying pullet-sized eggs. Two of them are shown here with two of our three olive-eggers (that's Miss Frizzle at the back). I have tried and tried to capture the delicate beauty of their “blue” feathers without satisfactory results; it's almost as hard as catching the iridescent highlights in the Black Australorps' feathers. I do enjoy having chickens, and often think how nice it would be to just sit on a stool and watch them for hours (I'm sure they would get tamer that way, too). But I feel so behind on so many things that sitting and watching "chicken TV" would probably bring more guilt than pleasure.

One of the neglected tasks weighing on me is getting the remaining lambs covered. Their singular first fleeces are getting trashed, reducing their value and usefulness. But a dear old friend with lots of picking experience (she helped a fellow breeder prep his show sheep for years) said she'd come over next week and help me. We've only gotten to see each other once this year, so I am looking forward to the visit AND the help!
This is what Bree's covered, clean fleece looks like

I haven't gotten to spend much time with any of my friends lately; that's weighing on me, too. I'm reading your blogs (yes, my blogpals are friends), but need to make time for the friends near enough for face-to-face time. It feels like the dentist is eating up a good chunk of available time (and an even bigger chunk of our finances); I have my fourth appointment in as many Tuesdays today and the work is far from over.  :-(

My dad's upcoming birthday, followed in two days by mine, is also weighing on me. I don't know how he'll receive the card we sent, given how alone and angry he feels (which is my fault), and I don't know if he'll acknowledge mine. Knowing his brain isn't working correctly is little comfort, especially when it just makes him a more exaggerated version of who he has been all my life.

Add in all the trouble in the world and yeah, I'm fighting the blues. Fighting. By pecking away at the to-do list. Petting my dogs and sheep. Getting in short rides on my horse as often as possible. Knitting when I can.                  

And focusing on beauty, and the Creator behind it all Who loves me. And you. And EVERYbody, even though we all break His heart. Focusing on that helps ME be more loving; I need that.
A cheddar moon

Deck color

The stages of this morning's sunrise
That's it for today from . . .


Theresa said...

I hear you Michelle. Thank you for those beautiful sunrises.

Retired Knitter said...

Oh Michelle. How I wish the east coast wasn't so far away from the west coast and I could come and help you pick veg out of sheep and share a cup of tea and sit and watch chickens (I am good at taming most anything) and just help reduce the load. Some days are just hard! Hope by the new year your dental work will be done and you can welcome 2018.

Sharon said...

Thanks for today - I'm trying to leave that blue world. Maybe after the dentist appointment this morning.

Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

Michele, I am so very sorry of all the angst in your life, it all sounds overwhelming and you're tucked in prayer.
Beautiful crimp on that fleece, simply beautiful! I *loved* my sheep - Shetlands and Romney's - but, not especially, the Merino's. They weren't good sheep at all and even worse mother's!
God has a plan for your good and His glory; keep the faith!

Susan said...

Sending you a large ration of hugs, my friend. I can relate to what you're going through with your dad. Age is often unkind. Keep looking up - that's what really counts. Along with horses, sheep, dogs, family, and friends. xo

Mama Pea said...

It's staying busy around here, too, even though we promised ourselves we were going to "shut down" come the first of November. I'm very grateful all of our busyness is good, but wish it were the same with you.

Sometimes I feel as though I only make time for my blog friends (and you/they are very important to me) but we also need those face-to-face friends, too. If only there were more hours in a day!

Try to remember that your dental work will be over (soon, I hope) and keeping our chompers in good repair is so very important to our health.

With age and wisdom, it's a little easier to understand why our parents are/were as they are/were. Happiness isn't easy for some people and, unfortunately, they sometimes take it out on those who should be the most loved and treasured ones in their lives. A dear friend had a mother who was terribly difficult and sometime awful to her children. My friend finally came to the conclusion (which gave her some peace) that she loved her mother . . . and that was all she could do for her.

C-ingspots said...

Amen Michelle. I really enjoy chicken tv too. :) Seems like a lot of people are feeling the blues lately, me included. Got my 2nd opinion yesterday and it's some good, some bad. Periodontal disease is the diagnosis. This dentist says the tooth can be saved and treated more conservatively, although the end result may be the same. I really have no choice though. Focusing on the Creator, our comforter, really does help. Now I've got a head cold... just didn't want you to think you were alone. :)

Donna said...

I am so sorry Michelle. I cannot imagine my father turning on me, under any circumstances. It must be so hard. I hope he comes around but in the meantime that you take care of yourself. I also hope you had a happy birthday.