Friday, November 17, 2017

Unplanned blog fodder

I was going to share some mushroom photos for "Fungus Friday," but ended up with better blog fodder. ;-)
The sun came out as I finished morning chores, so I decided to "make hay." I've had a sheep shuffle in mind for awhile to reduce labor (for me) and stress (for the sheep), but it required some reinforcing of the Ram-ada lot fence to keep Butler and Bogie contained. I had some plastic fencing from the days of showing lambs at Black Sheep Gathering; it was just the thing for it.

Once that was done, I haltered Sarai, Blaise, and Vienna and led them to the Sheep Sheraton to join the rest of the girls.

Then I caught and haltered the pinballs ram lambs – who weren't at all sure they wanted to move. (Made for some pretty photo ops, though!).

Having an intact ram lamb living nose to nose with a bunch of cycling ewes made for a lot of angst and arguing betwixt and between, and the boys didn't have much space. So into the Ram-ada lot they went – but not before I got photos of Butler's mid-side fleece. It's actually nicer than I thought when picking him Wednesday, the crimp just isn't as organized.

Meanwhile, the girls had all crowded into the corner pen just vacated by the boys. I guess the hay was greener in that feeder. ;-)
Later the girls got turned out into the truly green pasture, something that the three older ewes haven't gotten to enjoy for awhile.

That's it for today from the sheep and shepherd at . . .


Leigh said...

Great photos. Animals never fail to win the heart and entertain. Hope your new arrangement works well. Fleece is lovely!

Theresa said...

Such a beautiful flock Michelle! Any nibbles on the sale ones? I'm spinning shetland right now. Lovely stuff, keeping it to make fishermen's mittens.

Mama Pea said...

Glad you had that "third hand" to snap those lovely photos! I can see why it's so helpful to have your sheep trained to the halter and lead. Otherwise, I'm sure it would be like herding cats!

Mokihana said...

Every time I read about the Ram-ada pen, I'm reminded of this song...

Love your posts!