Friday, December 01, 2017

Red-headed friends

An old red-headed friend brought me a new red-headed friend last night!

Amy was one of my first Oregon friends. She was vacating the graphic designer position I was hired for at a printing company, and stayed on awhile to help with the transition. We hit it off and have been friends ever since.

Yesterday morning she called me and asked, "Can I bring you a chicken?" The night before a weasel or mink had gotten in their henhouse and decimated their little flock, leaving one survivor. So last night she and her husband brought us Red, and we slipped her onto a roost.

This morning when I opened the pop door, Red was the third hen to walk out, calmly and unscathed. She checked out the tired bell pepper, let me pet her, pecked at a black Australorp who got in her space, and took a long dustbath. Transition complete, I would say!

I also transitioned Blaise to a bigger coat this morning, taking the chance to revel in her lovely fleece. This girl appeals to me in so many ways – I love her tiny, pert ears; bright expression; small size; square stance; alert attitude; gulmoget pattern; blaze face; and the length, crimp, and color of her fleece. Technically she is my coarsest ewe (her fleece is "Fine," the others grade "Superfine Premium"), but her fleece is a treat to spin.

I have started my December spinning project, 50g of camel down on my very first Jenkins Turkish spindle. Heh; I may be giving yarn and patterns with the promise of Finished Objects to people for Christmas in order to finish out the year of challenges with the Jenkins YarnTools Ravelry group. ;-)  My "year of non-acquisition" seems to have made me a bit indifferent to the whole idea of gifting – which was not the intent.

Now I need to get busy baking cookies; I have two Christmas parties to attend this weekend. Let the holiday season begin!

Happy December from . . .


Susan said...

Blaise is just perfect! I am with you on the no new acquisitions. And I think that should extend to gift-giving, too. I have stressed (very firmly) to my family that we are NOT exchanging a thing, except for a good meal and the joy of each other's company. How is the camel to spin?

Mama Pea said...

I'd say Red is one lucky clucker! To have escaped the onslaught in her old home and to be re-homed at your place!

You know I know nothing about sheep but have to say Blaise looks like the purdiest, sweetest one of her kind ever!

Leigh said...

How many people have friends who call them up and say, "Can I bring you a chicken?" LOL. Lovely to see how well your new Red fits in. And I have to say that Blaise is a very pretty girl. I love a "true" gray color fleece.

Retired Knitter said...

Well since I make friends with domestic animals (some even rise to the level of 'family') I would have been devastated to have all but one of my chickens killed. That is one luck red! And I think Blaze is pretty darn happy with the status of Favorite. You can see it in the way she holds herself! Ha.