Saturday, November 04, 2017

Beautiful bookends to my hibernation

Last night I did, indeed, go to bed early, but not before getting stopped in my tracks on the way to the barn to turn off the hay steamer. The full moon was a-sail!
And this morning I was treated to a beautiful sunrise and lovely morning clouds.

I spent TEN hours in bed, mostly asleep, which is unheard of for me – must have temporarily transmogrified into a bear! And just like a groggy bruin emerging from hibernation, I've been tired all day. You gotta pay the piper; the stress and sleep disruptions of both Rick's kidney stone and my tooth and requisite qid antibiotics finally felled me. Here's hoping those things are behind us – and nothing worse is lurking around the next corner!

That's it for today from . . .


Retired Knitter said...

Oh you guys have certainly had your share of bad luck. I am sure things will be looking up soon. This sort of thing runs in cycles. Beautiful sky pictures - as always. What would we do without nature!

Theresa said...

You get such good sky there! Glad you got some well deserved ( and needed) rest..I find the changing period of any season rather tiring. I hate the back and forth with the time though.

Mama Pea said...

That first picture is gorgeous!

Good to hear you got a couple/few extra hours in bed. You, no doubt, needed it. Your body (and maybe mind, too) finally got the relaxation it needed and that's probably why you felt so out of it the next day. I think when our bodies finally get the right opportunity to "let go" everything kinda looses its tension and then it takes a while for it to get back to normal.

Hope you have a super-duper week coming up, Michelle.

Sharrie Brockhaus said...

What is a 'hay steamer'? It is a term I have never heard before.

Hope you are past your current "bump in the road".

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Every now and again your body simply has to catch up! The photos are beautiful; loved looking at them.

Michelle said...

(Weird how on my phone I can reply individually to comments, but on here on my laptop, I can only leave a comment; no "reply" option!)

RK, I'm just hoping things don't ALWAYS come in threes!

Yes, we DO get good skies here, Theresa. The time change seems so artificial and idiotic to me; just leave the clocks alone!

Thanks, Mama Pea, for All your words!

Sharrie, it's a container that does just that – steams hay. They are widely available and commonly used in Europe, but harder to find and much more expensive here, so Rick built mine. My horse has Inflammatory Airway Disease; steaming hay gets rid of most of the dust, fine particulates, and mold spores that inflame the lungs. You can read the long, sad tale on my horse blog; there's a link on the right.

I think you're right, Sandra, although it happens rarely with me so I was surprised.