Friday, November 10, 2017

A fine fall Friday

I can't capture the inner glow of my big Japanese maple, but I keep trying (and feast my eyes upon it often):
"Autumn" may be the formal name for this season, but "fall" is so fitting. Here is Oreo surrounded by "fall":
and the sheep enjoying "fall":
All that green grass and they'd rather eat dead leaves or check out whatever's under the big fir!

Wet wool:

Dry feathers:
Rick added an extension to the chicken run to cover his "wood stash":
He keeps collecting big chunks to turn; the latest is from a neighbor's bulldozed cherry orchard. :'-(  They couldn't get pickers, so need to do something else with their five acres to keep the tax-deferred status. But it's sad to see all those trees destroyed!

At least the wood is free (goodness knows he's spent a lot on tools for his new hobby). He's bought a little bit of exotic wood to play with for smaller projects, like the pizza cutter he made for me last winter. He finally figured out a design and made a matching holder for it:
That's it for now from . . .


Cindie said...

Wow - that's an incredible pizza cutter!

Mama Pea said...

Yes, that pizza cutter is definitely one-of-a-kind! Gorgeous holder, too.

I just love seeing the ground covered with leaves.

Claire MW said...

Oh my goodness, taking down cherry trees! How sad. I would so love a cherry tree here. The harvests would be inconsistent, due to our climate, but I might get some in the good years when the blossoms don't freeze. Lovely pizza cutter holder!

Anonymous said...

That cherry wood is a huge treasure trove! Ed loves working with cherry; the way it works, looks and smells. Rick will be able to make many bowls with that haul! He probably knows to keep it damp so it won't check and split.
It's truly a shame that the orchardist couldn't find pickers. I lament the day that Oregon lawmakers decided children should not be allowed to pick fruits and vegetable for money. Having grown up spending summers picking crops since I was 5 I know first hand the work ethic it instills, plus, when all the kids in the neighborhood were picking we all took pride in earning our own money.

Michelle said...

It COULD be used as a lethal weapon, Cindie – it's huge, and SHARP.

Mama Pea, the leaves lose their romance when they get wet and slimy....

I hate the destruction of the fruit trees, too, Claire. I suggested they utilize it for U-pick, but she said the legal liability is too great. What a sad world we live in.

We think the law is misguided, too, Wanda. See last sentence to Claire!