Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thursday's thoughts

I love my desktop. Yesterday, Kate at Chronicles of a Country Girl offered one of her stunning photographs as a free desktop image. Having looked at the photo of river rocks that came with my MacBook for several years now and being deprived of cardinals around here, I jumped at the chance to gussy-up the ol' computer screen for the holidays. Then a friend (one of the wonderful people I've met thanks to Shetland sheep) sent Brian Jacquie Lawson's online Advent calendar, and its icon is a beautiful addition to the lower left corner. Little things . . . they add up to so much!

Rick leaves tomorrow for a week; it's national horse vet (AAEP) convention time. Whenever he's gone I always delude myself with ideas of all the extra things I'll get done in his absence, but holding down the fort and keeping the home fires burning by myself pretty much eats up all day, every day. Still, I hope to play with my new Hansen miniSpinner and get a good start on our Christmas cards. For fun, on Sunday Brian and I are going to the Yamhill County Historical Society's Homemade Holiday Bazaar (an early birthday treat for the boy) and I have a dressage chapter Christmas party that evening. I have to do some baking for that, so I'll make extra for Brian and me to enjoy without guilt while Rick is gone.

It's not raining today and I even see some blue sky out there. Time to go saddle up my dancing partner!

That's it for today from . . .


Sharon said...

Oh dear, I haven't given any thought to Christmas cards and I had better do it quick. I just got through Thanksgiving!! Thanks for the reminder.

Michelle said...

We got our first two Christmas cards in today's mail! I'm not actually sending cards this year, but printing the letter I always include on fancy paper instead. In fact, they are printing as I type, so I am feeling like I'm ahead of the game! THAT doesn't happen often anymore; I'd better savor it before life runs over me yet again. :-)