Sunday, December 12, 2010

Deck the halls

Today we finally got a Christmas tree! This is late for us, and Brian was getting I.M.P.A.T.I.E.N.T. Fortunately, it was dry and windy this morning, so the tree could be brought in immediately for decorating. A neighbor kindly offered us cutting rights on his tree lot, and we came home with a Grand fir - our first, I think. I prefer the more rigid branches of a Noble fir, but this one worked out just fine!
When Rick got down on the floor for some final adjustments . . .
. . . it was apparently an invitation for a "guy pile"! :-)

Our handiwork:

A boy and his dog - basking in the light of the tree and the love of the season:

There are three new ornaments on the tree this year. The first is a birthday gift from my friend Debbie:
She has given me five of these exquisite dated bulldog ornaments - the closest I probably come to a collection of anything!

The second is a fragile glass heart I picked up at an after-Christmas sale year this year:

And the final one is a glass ornament Brian got at our Christian trailriding organization's Christmas party Saturday night:He's getting quite a collection of ornaments to take with him when he leaves home!

ETA: I forgot the other new additions on our tree - candy canes! Brian had a burden to hang candy canes on our tree this year, so I bought two boxes of them. If you double-click on the photo of the decorated tree, you can see them.

Fa la la la la, from . . .


Sharon said...

I don't know one tree from another, but I know the ornaments and love hanging every memory one of them. We have a glass heart one too with a memory attached. I'm always taken by surprise at how much of my heart is in my tree~

I loved to talking to you - so great to hear your happy voice!!

A :-) said...

Beautiful tree!! :-)

Kelly said...

Thank you for the tree decorating tour, it was nice to be invited into your home and family. My favorite thing about putting up a tree is the story behind each ornament that I unpack. Where I got it, who gave it to me, what I was going though when I got it..........all great memories. It's wonderful to see some else's memories too. Merry Christmas to you and your family my cyber friend.

Kim said...

What a pretty tree. I bet it looks amazing from outside those windows!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I'm a noble fir person too, I love the way they look, but haven't been able to find one yet this year, so we're treeless :(
I used to have a set of glass hearts that my ex-mother-in-law gave me (love the woman to death!) now I think I have three left.

Mom L said...

It's beautiful! Your tree makes my heart sing - I don't bother with a tree anymore, as it's just Emma and me. I'm sure she would love to climb a Christmas tree, but I don't want to clean up after her! I'm looking forward to pictures of my Grandson with his first tree!

Nancy in Iowa

thecrazysheeplady said...

Great tree!

Unknown said...

Beautiful tree and lovely pictures. I love the picture of the boy and his dog by the tree. Truly best buddies indeed!!
Merry Christmas and enjoy the tree!!