Thursday, April 01, 2010

Evening and morning light

Our mid-week break in the wintery weather meant that March went out like a lamb - albeit a frosty one. Yesterday's evening colors in the eastern sky (yes, eastern!) were so delicate and lovely:
This morning the sun rose brightly, illuminating the SE view from our great room windows:
Today's obligatory "cute quota:"The ewes have nothing to fear from this furry friend!

I was hoping for more March lambs, but it wasn't meant to be. Dinah is due any day now; she was in with Blackberry until November 6, when I went down to find that Braveheart had busted everything loose. The two ewe lambs didn't get pregnant during that escapade, thankfully, and Brava and Inky were already with him. That leaves only Dinah in question; after the 6th I separated her from both rams, and then put her back in with Blackberry after two weeks. This udder is not two weeks away from lambing:
Then again, neither is this one:
That's it for now from . . .


Laura said...

Bet you have lambs tonight... With the storm front coming in, a rapid drop in pressure (not to mention the nasty, shepherd-chasing weather), should do the trick!

I have a ewe that would bag up like a basketball 1 whole month before lambing, and she grunted and groaned everytime she would lie down to chew cud. I made so many mad dashes out to the barn because I heard her on the baby monitor! Now, she does what she does, and everything is fine! Since you have history with these two, I believe that they don't have 2 weeks left!

Michelle said...

Laura, you would have won that bet!