Friday, April 09, 2010

And they're off!

Today is SO much nicer than it has been lately, so all the sheep went out to play (lambs) and eat (adults). The girls got the big pasture where the lambs had lots of open space to run, and boy, did they run! (Of course, my camera batteries were charging at the time....) Braveheart got one of the pocket pastures, and Browning and Blackberry got the wooded lot where they did fine together after the initial misguided breeding attempts and head-butting. Everyone got a couple hours of lush greenness, and then it was back to the fold and hay to guard against grass tetani. The lambs were quick to conk out, and the ewes looked tired, too; perhaps from the stress of keeping track of wayward lambs?

The weather forecast for the week ahead looks much better than we've been experiencing, so the lambs should get in daily "training" (with more photo opps). Can you believe that this week Mt. Hood has seen the most snowfall and best powder of the whole winter? Seven feet in ten days - in April. Craziness!

At least the flowers know it's spring:
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Mom L said...

Thanks! Lovely shots - and such tired out lambies!

Nancy in Iowa

HisTek said...

Cute lamb photos, and gorgeous flowers!