Friday, March 26, 2010

No lambs, but LOTS of photos!

When all I want to see are the surprise packages my ewes are carrying (delivered safely, with no problems), it's hard to look around me for other blog material. Not that you will believe that statement with all the photos I've stuffed into this post!

Yesterday was cold, windy and rainy and I was gone for a good chunk of it, so the sheep had to stay in the fold. Were they happy when the weatherman missed today's forecast for more of the same!
There's Brava with her bulging baby-belly, along with svelte yearling Bronwen wearing the same size sheep suit.

Inky's belly is somewhat camouflaged by fleece and straw, but her udder and "pink parts" give away her "delicate condition."

Dinah's belly is wider than it is deep. I sure hope a Blackberry baby is in there!

This is what Dinah did to me earlier this week. All the sheep were at the gate ready to follow me back to the fold, but she wasn't budging from under the trees. My head told me she couldn't be thinking of lambing since she hadn't dropped yet and her udder was still flabby, but my heart leaped for a few moments....

Katie is sporting a bit of belly there herself. She's not due until May 31, so what gives? Twins? Triplets? That would be lovely, but I think that dimple on her plump rump is pointing to more than baby weight.

Isn't that the saddest sight you have ever seen? Yes, our first daffodils are a melted mess, but late varieties are still beautifying our flowerbeds:
Other blooms around Boulderneigh:
Pieris shows off its demure flowers and its fiery new growth at the same time.

Flowers on the fruit trees give promise of sweet treats to come.

I am still working away on Talia. I'm almost ready to sew the shoulder seams; then all I have to do is the armhole and neckline edging.I've got my eye on yet another vest or two after this one, believe it or not!

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~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

We have a ewe that looked like she was going to have a litter, she was so wide. She didn't even walk, she waddled. Her belly was so close to the ground and she was so heavy she couldn't jump over a rail road tie (I know cause she tried lol).
She had a single 8lb ewe lamb last night.
I'm still shaking my head.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Those girls are beautiful! I like their coats! I wonder if that plant with the white flowers and red leaves would grow here - probably not - so cold here in winter.

Mama Mess said...

That is so funny the pictures of them in their coats! Makes me want to sing.....does your belly hang low, does it wobble to and fro.....

thecrazysheeplady said...

Those girls... Your vest looks great - you are on quite a roll!

Mom L said...

Looks like we're all anxious for sheep babies!! And your vest is beautiful - I hope you model it when it's done!!

Nancy in Iowa

HisTek said...

Beautiful sheep and flower photos! You must have quite a garden. I, too, am waiting (IMPATIENTLY) for lambs, probably in about 2 weeks.
Chelan, WA