Thursday, March 18, 2010

Look who thinks she's a spring chicken!

Miss Tawny, a two-year-old Gold-laced Wyandotte given to us along with Ebony the Easter Egger last year, took a leisurely winter break from egg laying. Since spring is coming, she has decided to contribute again, but is trying to pass as a pullet. See her tiny pullet egg on the left, below? Ebony's green eggs are usually our smallest, and that BIG brown egg is from Lucille or Lucy, the Red Sex Links who defected from the neighbors' coop. (Those neighbors are in divorce court and the house is up for sale; obviously the girls knew something we didn't!)
We are frequently getting six eggs a day now, which means more eggs to sell to help pay for the girls' food. Since Lucille's and Lucy's eggs are too big for our egg cartons (and Tawnie's for now are embarrassingly small), we keep them for our own use. Maybe for more of those German Pancakes? Brian told me yesterday that he wished we could have those every Sunday morning!

That's how the feathers fluff at . . .

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Christine said...

My girls seem to go through cycles on the size of their eggs. Not sure the rhyme or reason for it. Come to think of it, we haven't had a double yolk for a long while.