Saturday, November 21, 2009

An unexpected Shetland "fix"

On Monday morning we headed towards Cincinnati to visit the Creation Museum. The weather was changing; it was cloudy, breezy, and cooler than it had been. But it remained dry, which was nice for the outdoor part of our excursion.

Brian, like many boys, is fascinated with dinosaurs, so he was excited to see this:Indeed, there were fossils and dinosaur "reproductions" in abundance; some of them, like the small ones (and the girl) above, even moved quite realistically and made noise! The main part of the museum is a self-guided walk-through tour, and was very well done. We also took in the planetarium show (and bought the presentation on DVD, it was so good; talk about being awed by the power of God!), and another special effects presentation called "Men in White." Brian even got to ride a dino!
Attracted by signs for a petting zoo, we headed out to the grounds behind the museum, a beautifully landscaped area with many bridges, including a floating one and a suspension bridge.There had clearly been a frost already, but a few hardy flowers still lifted their faces to the Creator:
At the far end of the gardens we came to the petting zoo. Imagine my delight at seeing these new but familiar faces!This little horned ewe wanted a hand-out, but no scritches, thank-you-very-much. There were some bigger sheep, a pygmy goat and a miniature donkey who provided tactile satisfaction to my animal-deprived fingers (it had been since Friday at Sara's!), though.

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