Sunday, November 01, 2009

A fair first

The first day of November couldn't have been any nicer; today was one of those perfect fall days. Actually, the whole weekend has been lovely, starting with this dramatic sky Friday evening:
At church on Saturday I was finally able to present Hannah with the cardigan I knitted for her:It's too big, as her mother planned; hopefully she'll get plenty of use out of it the next couple of years. Her birth mom is under 5' tall, so she will always be a petite thing.

We were out late Saturday night at a barn party with our Christian trail riding chapter, so Brian slept in this morning. He needed it, but what a shame to miss a minute of this beautiful day!Rick and I got up and did chores, stripping and rebedding the horse stalls. After a big, late breakfast, we headed back outside to take full advantage of the bonnie weather. While Rick and Brian blew and raked leaves, I stripped and rebedded the sheep fold. Then while Rick did some barn and fold maintenance, I stripped and rebedded the chicken coop. (And hurray! Rick finally agreed to finding a remnant piece of vinyl to protect the plywood floor and make it easier to clean!)

While we strained our backs, the sheep ate hay and napped in the sun,(Brava here was bred the evening of Oct. 30; late March lambs, here we come!)

and the dogs did what dogs do.

I really didn't think Dozer worked that hard today, but by this evening he looked as wiped out as Rick!

That's it for now from . . .


thecrazysheeplady said...

Beautiful sunset and your sweater (and recipient) is just darling.

Sharrie said...

It may have taken Dozer a while to find the right "fit", but he sure looks like he has settled into a special place now. It sure was a good way to start November. We had great weather here, too. Let's hope it continues!

Leenie said...

Outstanding sunset and what a fun smile in that gorgeous sweater! Thanks for not taking the sun out of that weather before sending it east. We had full orange moon going down with a pink and lavender sunrise all for breakfast thanks to the return to normal time.

Lois said...

All the photos are wonderful but those of Dozer especially so. To see him so happily snuggled up with Rick shows how quickly he has bonded. What a contented look on his face!

Sharon said...

I can see that Rick still has reservations about Dozer, just kidding. I sat on the deck reading this afternoon until I just got too hot. It's November!!!!!