Sunday, November 22, 2009

History class

We couldn't visit Boonesborough to see how Rick's great-great-great . . . uncle Daniel lived, since it was closed for the season, so for edification we visited Mary Todd Lincoln's teenage home in Lexington. Abraham Lincoln is Brian's favorite president (probably Rick's and mine, too), so we looked forward to a glimpse into related history. (No photography is allowed inside, or I would show you the two spinning wheels I spied.) It was interesting to learn about the drastic contrast in upbringing between Mary Todd and her future statesman husband, and tragic to think of her as a widow who had lost three of her four sons, and was then committed to a mental hospital by her sole living offspring. I added several books to my reading bucket list thanks to this very interesting part of our trip.

Our tour of the Mary Todd Lincoln house completed, we had just enough time to grab a quick bite before heading to the airport. Fortunately for us, the landmark was only a couple blocks away from an eatery Deb had recommended, Stella's Kentucky Deli. Deb didn't steer us wrong; the fresh-and-local food was very tasty and the venue was all charm!

As we headed to our car, it started raining - perhaps to ease us from "perfect vacation" to "reality at home"? Oregon is a long, long way from bluegrass country, where horses are everywhereand tobacco fills barnsand overflows onto outdoor racks.

Thanks for the memories, Kentucky and friends. We love you!


Shula said...

It looks like a great place to go. I can't wait to go next year. Thanks for all the pictures though, I didn't know they dried tobacco that way.

Sharon said...

My uncle was a Son of the American Revolution. You have to pay to have the genealogy researched and I have a copy of that huge sheet that my cousin sent me. Abraham Lincoln is on that list. On occasion DD Chris and I look at it - those folks who broke away and moved West were a hardy lot. I admire them. Lucky you to be there.