Monday, June 22, 2009

Creative inspiration at BSG

While waiting for a few photos of showing Shetlands (I couldn't take them myself because I was, well, showing), I thought I'd share one of the highlights of Black Sheep Gathering - the Spinner's Lead class. This was held Saturday night and emceed by a crazy-funny lady who I think could make it in stand-up; what a hoot! This was my first opportunity to attend such an event, and I must say I have a new goal in life: to someday be a participant myself!

Here is the emcee with one of the entries. The mother of one of the girls knitted this shawl out of mohair, and it turned out gianormous - big enough for two! Note that the angora goat is also wearing a shawl; it was normal-sized, and stunning.

A great "Aaaah!" erupted from the spectators when this lady entered the ring carrying her bunny. It's a good thing it was cool that night, or that lovely sweater may have caused heat stroke!

This lady came all the way from PA with her lovely shawl, made out of Shetland and Blue-Faced Leicester. She should have borrowed one of our polite little Shetlands to lead in the class; this sheep wasn't the easiest to manage.

This lady utilized the natural colors of her sheep, making the shaped poncho from the lighter back wool and the scarf from the darker side wool.

These two were the comic relief (not that we needed it with the emcee cracking us up!). The man is none other than Ace, of Ace in the Hole Romneys and Yahoo Spinning list fame. His bag contained a wine bottle in a bottle "cozy" and three empty wine glasses, which he proceeded to fill for each of the judges. Bribery? The lady's entries were not spun, or really even fiber. The necklace is made from a "little package" found in the pasture after banding, and the little bag is made from a BIG package, apparently harvested from butchering and then tanned!

This vest was one of the most stunning pieces in the ring. She created this stranded design from a photo of her livestock guardian dog and sheep in her pasture.

This lady spun and knit a simple, undyed sweater; something that perhaps I could aspire to.

This is one of the Shetland breeders, modeling a natural-color Shetland cardigan she designed herself. I would have bought the pattern from her if she had one; I LOVE this feminine sweater!

Here are two entries shown together. I wish I had taken a photo of the BACK of the young teen's felted shawl; it had a beautiful purple flower in the center.

This lady sported a handfelted hat and a natural-color, asymmetric cardigan she designed herself.

This entry was by far the most elegant in the ring, and I loved the colors of her mohair scarf and hat.

I loved this pair's ensemble; classy and coordinated!

Another talented teen shows off her colorful felted vest.

This lovely lady is Shannon, who created my custom bag. As you can see, she is an artist with felt! Her young son Theron was also entered in Spinner's Lead with a felted scarf he made himself, but unfortunately the only photo I took of him turned out blurry.

Finally, another of our Northwest Shetland breeders and her lovely self-designed cardigan in both natural and dyed Shetland.

Inspired? Me, too! I think I'll go spin for a bit!

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Ebonwald Cardigans said...

The BFL lady is Kathy Davidson and SHE ROCKS!!!

Jody Blue said...

Thanks for sharing I never knew there was such a gathering! So much talent in one place.

Nancy K. said...

What fun! Truly inspirational ~ thanks for sharing!!

shadow mountain jacobs farm said...

I couldn't make it this year so I fully enjoyed your pictures. I LOVE that little brown shetland sweater. All are very creative and wonderful pieces of art. Thanks for the pics...

C-ingspots said...

Sounds like you had a grand time Michelle! Congratulations on all the sales and the acquisitions. How fun!!
Love the felted bag and several other very nice sweaters displayed in your pics. Very nice.

Mim said...

Oh, what beautiful things and sheep. How I wish I lived closer to Eugene. Thanks for the pictures!

MiniKat said...

What adorable duos and trios! I adore the bunny and the corresponding sweater! Wish I could have been there. :-)

Anonymous said...

Start working on your project now -it is so much fun!!! It is so nice to see all of the pictures. Inspirational for sure - I still can't get over that the watercolor vest was all knit - amazing.

thecrazysheeplady said...

How cool!!!