Monday, June 22, 2009

Back from BSG; summary and acquisitions

Here is the short version: We had a great weekend, my little lambs and I! The trip down and back was uneventful, the weather was perfect (on the cool side, just the way I like it), and my lambs were admirable ambassadors for the breed. I didn't win any ribbons or find homes for Beau and Boo, but I enjoyed being with other sheep people, met two more blogpals for the first time, handed out a lot of business cards, sold most of the roving I picked up from Aunt Janet AND the two fleeces I was going to send with her for processing, and made some beautiful acquisitions.

Shall we start with the acquisitions and their stories?

Before BSG, I had admired the felt totes and bags on Shannon's blog. (Shannon is a Jacob breeder and talented fiber artist that I met through Tammy last year.) When she told me she could do a custom design for me AND was willing to trade for Shetland roving, how could I resist? When I got to BSG, I was more than delighted with what she had come up with:When I picked up my roving, she chose 6 oz. of Brava's lamb fleece and 6 oz. of Browning's lamb fleece in payment.

When walking through the trade show to pick up my roving from Aunt Janet, my eyes fell on some gorgeous dyed roving of various blends. The vendor, Island Fibers, was kind enough to give me a sample of the two colorways I liked best. After spinning up both the merino/mohair and the merino/silk, I chose 8 oz. of the later:Luscious, luscious stuff!

Later, when I was walking back by with my bags of roving, the same ladies asked to see what was in the bags. After ooohing and aaahing over each of the three lamb fleece rovings I had picked up, one of them looked up and asked fervently, "Do you want to trade?" Again, how could I resist? Although they had sold the rest of the colorway I had purchased, I found the same merino/silk blend in another colorway, so I traded a pound of Braveheart's lamb fleece for a pound of this:
After that transaction, I continued through the trade show towards the sheep barns. Another vendor who was spinning commented about someone making a large purchase, so I told her I had had my fleeces processed and had just picked them up. I asked her if she'd like to see them; she did and promptly asked if she could buy a pound of Browning's roving!

On Sunday I finally had a chance to shop for a yarn (WPI) yarn gauge which I have been wanting for some time, and chose this silky-smooth number from Herndon Creek Farms.While we chatted I mentioned I have Shetlands, and the wife said, "Oh, I LOVE Shetland!" So of course I told her I had fresh roving and asked if she'd like to see it. She ended up buying 8 oz each of Braveheart's, Browning's, and Brava's lamb rovings. Her husband likes to carry local products and asked if I would be interested in selling wholesale, but at the rate my roving was disappearing, I figured I would do better to sell it on my own!

My other acquisition was this sock yarn (no trades involved :-):
Thanks to interested visitors to my area in the sheep barn, I sold Brava's skirted '09 fleece to one lady, and Dinah's skirted '09 fleece and the last 25 oz. of Brava's lamb fleece roving to another. All I have left from what Aunt Janet just did for me is a little dab of Browning's and Braveheart's lamb fleece rovings, and Braveheart's 09 fleece roving (which I picked up later). (I also have over 7 lbs. of luster longwool roving from a ram in my shearer's flock; let me know if you're interested in some of that.) I was thrilled with the reception my fleeces and rovings got, but the best part of all was the high compliment Aunt Janet paid me. She said (twice!), "Yours is the nicest Shetland I have ever processed." Who needs blue ribbons when you get that kind of affirmation on what your sheep produce?

That's it for the first BSG installment from . . .


Jenny Holden said...

Sounds like you've had a wonderful time. Well done selling all of that lovely roving!

Magpiedyestudio said...

Ok, fine! I am the guilty party who could not pass up that lovely dark brown roving (Browning?). It is a joy to spin! Was nice to meet you.
Terry (one of the Pygora goatie gals)

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you this weekend. I can't wait to spin up the roving I got from you, it is so soft! I'm glad you are happy with your tote.

Becky Utecht said...

Congrats on all your sales and thanks for the great marketing idea Michelle! Next time I go to a Sheep and Wool festival, I'll have to bring a bag full of roving or top to trade with the vendors. Great idea. :-) I agree with you about selling wholesale, no need to when you can sell it yourself.

Donna said...

Outstanding acquisitions!

Michelle said...

Terry! Now that I see your spinpygora Blogger I.D., I DO remember seeing you here before! Yes, Browning is the producer of that dark chocolate roving you got, and I am so glad you like it! Good to meet you, too; I'll have to put you down as another "blogpal" I got to meet at BSG. :-)

A :-) said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a great time - and your spinning wheel is going to be busy for quite some time, I think ;-) That tote is beautiful!!

Kara said...

Thanks for sharing Michelle. It sounds like you had a great time. Welcome home and congrats on all the beautiful goodies and successful sales.

Tammy W. said...

Wow Michelle - sounds like it was great! I love that bag that you got and all your other little goodies. What a great idea with the roving.

Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle-

Was great to get to meet you at BSG.
Your sheep (and their wool) is really lovely.

Congrats on all your sales. I'm sure you made a bunch of spinners very happy!


MiniKat said...

Drooling at those rovings! Love the bag too. :-)