Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Black and white and chocolate brown

When I saw Oreo lounging on the edge of our horse trailer yesterday, I was struck by the similarity of lines between cat and logo:

But that was just a momentary distraction. I have had my eye on a certain chocolate namesake, because his coat was looking a bit small. Cadbury, my newest ram, has grown since his arrival in June! So with camera back in hand, I went about undressing and redressing him, and giving him another pedicure.

Looking good!

Handsome boy.

Small scurs for a yearling.

Can you say "hot chocolate with foam on top"?

Another shot of his beautiful head.

Dressed for success; I want to keep that wonderfully fine, soft fleece CLEAN!

That's it for today from . . .


Laura said...

He is very nice looking!

Sharon said...

Great catch on the photo. I love the simplicity of digital cameras.

Kelly Bartels said...

LOVE the cat/horse shot, you have such an artists eye Michelle.
Handsome boy too.

Kim Nikolai said...

Well of course I'm going to agree with you, he is a handsome boy! ;-)

And yes he has grown!!

Michelle said...

So have Marta and Sarai! (-;