Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sharing the Magic, again

Last year we discovered "Magic at the Mill" and enjoyed it so much we wanted to take our visiting family there this year. We headed down Tuesday night and saw as much as we could before closing - which wasn't nearly enough, so we went again on Wednesday night! We got to see and learn so much more than last year, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. There were Christmas lights galore:
and not just Christmas lights. See the full moon over the mill race, above? Here it is, gloriously solo:

Brian told Santa what he wanted for Christmas:

We listened to music:

And toured the historic Mill Building to our heart's content:

Brian even got to try his hand at weaving - and promptly decided he wanted a loom. He might just get his wish for Christmas - although on a MUCH smaller and simpler scale. ;-)

We ended with some browsing in the extensive boutique which is set up as a bunch of separate shops - including a yarn store!
Brian dubbed this the "guys' corner," and indeed, this is where Rick, my dad and Brian hung out while my step-mom and I fondled fiber. I didn't buy anything there, but couldn't resist some old bobbins from the mill available in the museum gift shop for $2.00 apiece:
I don't know if I'll find a way to use them, or just display and admire them!

After that hearty infusion of holiday spirit, we'll probably have a quiet Christmas here. Rick has been in bed all day with something flu-like; I'm hoping Brian and I don't catch it. We'll go to church on Saturday (Sabbath) as we always do, and probably open presents Saturday night.

I read a wonderfully brief reminder of "the Reason for the season" this week. A little girl was asked if she got everything she wanted for Christmas. She replied, "No, but that's okay; it wasn't my birthday!" Whenever Jesus was born, that's a good perspective to keep in mind. May you be blessed with faith, hope and love this Christmas.


Theresa said...

What a wonderful place! Music, history, fiber and heck, weaving! Sounds perfect actually, do they need someone to like live there I wonder?
My gosh can you imagine how Brian is going to impress a girl someday.
He can whip out a spindle, make yarn and then weave it. Not to mention know a lot about how it all should be cared for while on the hoof!
Have a magical holiday and all the best for the coming year. Get well quick wishes to Rick and stay well ones to you and Brian!

Anonymous said...

What great way to get into the holiday spirit. Christmas + woolen mill? Doesn't get much better than that!

Franna said...
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Franna said...

...let's try that again.
The Reason for the Season - being a part of the Living Nativity really brought that home for me. That and other stories of unselfish giving make this a wonderful time of year.
Merry Christmas, everyone!

A :-) said...

Oh that place looks like SO MUCH FUN! Wish I could go, too :-)

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I have a bundle of those bobbins, I ordered them off of Ebay after seeing someone use them as selvage weights.
Merry Christmas!

Mom L said...

You really captured the beauty, lights, and magic of the mill - and the moon!!! Great work as always, Michelle.

Merry Christmas to all of you - and may Rick be well by morning!!

Nancy in Iowa

An English Shepherd said...

Have a Great Christmas

Wizz :-)

Leigh said...

What a wonderful place to visit! Merry Christmas Michelle, to you and your family!

Tiggeriffic said...

I loved the picture of the moon.. That was spectactular... Your new camera is doing a tiggeriffic job~!
The man corner was so cute.. I liked your blog today and you have a Merry Christmas..~!
ta ta for now from Iowa....we have 10 inches of snow.. It's beautiful~!

Sharon said...

That's an opportunity that I'm glad you took twice - wow! How neat for Brian. That was quite an interesting band he was listening to. I'm thrilled he got to throw a shuttle. He's at a perfect age to get started - no fear. Thanks for sharing the Mill - I loved taking the tour!

Laura said...

Those are Pirns - used in end-feed shuttles, and from their patina, probably fly-shuttles. I have some shuttles that they will fit, should Brian get his wish...