Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No ark needed - yet

We've had two straight days of heavy rain and it's still coming down, which is unusual for the Willamette Valley. Yes, we're known for our wet winters, but our moisture usually comes as drizzle, with occasional sun breaks. Not really worth breaking out an umbrella for, which is why most of us don't own one. No problems up here on the hill, but down in the valley the low areas are flooding. Boy and animals are all feeling pent-up and restless; I would be perfectly happy to be holed up in a warm house with fiber and fiber tools for a long time. Still, a friend and I hauled our horses to ride in a dressage clinic today, an anticipated event that has kept me committed to riding even when the weather, homeschooling, and other responsibilities make it a challenge.

That's today's report from . . .


  1. Well stay dry. Maybe some more weaving or spinning to occupy Brian, or my mother's old stand-by when I was a bit bored and broody. "why don't you go clean your room?" I found a book real quick to read. :)
    Glad you enjoyed your lesson. Counter cantering can be tricky and every horse seems to have their favorite side....
    We are getting snow instead of rain. Almost didn't get Bob the tractor
    up the hill to the paddock with hay this morning there was so much heavy wet slippery snow overnight.

  2. Weather is usual this year..lots of snow and at noon today suppose to get rain with thunderstorms.. m-m-? And the storms you are having is coming to our area and I'm sure by now the grocery stores are jammed full of people buying ~ buying ~ buying lots of toilet paper, milk, bread and other necessities. I always laugh at this.. I always keep an ample supply of these things in the house just in case ~ always try to be prepared.
    Stay dry and time to work on a project. ta ta for now from Iowa...

  3. This morning when I awoke I could see the moon out my window and the drumming of rain had ceased. I didn't watch the weather last night but Rick said we're in for a stretch of dry weather. Hurray; I'll be able to put my lesson to use!

  4. Riding is the perfect antidote to damp and dreary weather! Good for you for getting out and 'getting it done'!



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