Monday, June 01, 2009

A fresh look inside and out!

Happy June, everyone. We actually have some clouds today moderating the unseasonable heat and bright sunshine that dominated the month of May. It is a refreshing change . . . I am definitely not a sun worshipper!

Anyway, along with the monthly blog background change, my flower beds have been transformed as well. I've managed to keep up with weeding a few of the smaller beds, but all the bigger beds have gotten terribly overgrown. Realizing I was never going to catch up, I got the name of a couple fellows who did some weeding for my friend Kathleen, and they came out today. I handed them the tools and a pitcher of ice water (and at the end, some money, of course), and they handed me beautifully clean flower beds, ready for the addition of a few more flowers and shrubs I picked up recently. Even though there really wasn't room in the budget for a "splurge" like this, it is SUCH a relief to have it done! (Now if I can just keep up with the weeding from here on out....) Before and after.


Before and after.

After weeding, then after planting the "Amethyst in Snow" Centaura, a couple "Goldmound" spirea and a couple "Blue Star" Lithospernum, and a dozen small dahlias. Since this is the first bed you see when you drive up to our house, I was especially glad to see this one ship-shape.

They cleaned up some other areas, too; I'm sure you get the picture.

Back to tails for the end of this post. This morning I took photos of the Three Gulmusketeers' tails. They are quite different than those of Brava's twins, although sired by the same ram. Bronwen's (top) tends more towards a rat tail like her dam's, with wool only the top 1/3, which I don't mind even though it doesn't meet the breed standard's description. Blackberry and Bramble have wool on the top 2/3, although their darker "stripe" makes them look more haired than that.

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Karen B. said...

So nice to be weed free! I'm glad you were able to get some help with it, there are only so many hours in the day. It will be great putting the new plants in now, look forward to seeing more pictures!

kristi said...

I am glad to see tail posts as I am trying to decide what is a good tail and what is not, perhaps I should also post some tails to get feedback. Flowers look beautiful! I swear weeds are there just to make us work more:)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Too funny - I just added a poll to my blog on who I'd want to hire most and TOTALLY spaced out gardener. Good for you! I'm envious.

Claire said...

Such beautiful pictures of your irises! They are just gorgeous. I have quite a few out now as well and I'm excited about some of them because they are new to me (planted last fall) so I am seeing the flowers for the first time. I would love to hire those weeders for a day (or week) here too! Great post!