Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A snack for the shearer

Motivated by my little boy saying "I wish we had some cookies" and tomorrow's appointment with the farrier/shearer, I decided to bake tonight. Seemed the appropriate time to try out the food molds my sister sent me, so armed with an old family recipe from Tina, I got to work on a linzer-type construction of Goliath proportions.
(Sorry, that last sheep got lost in a snowstorm.)

Since one of these would make a small meal, I haven't tried one yet. Hope they are deemed worth the effort!

That's it for now at . . .


Tammy said...

Very Cute! It looks like you went to alot of work on them, and the results are wonderful...well except for maybe the 'lost in a snowstorm sheep'! ;-)

Still dealing with rain here and praying it will clear off early today so the sheep will dry off for the shearer tommorrow.

He won't be getting any fancy cookies though---but I will send BBQ beef sandwhiches and all the trimmings with him when he leaves. (He usually has more sheep to shear so he heads out and eats on the go). Sheesh, I'll be glad when shearing is over!!!! :-0

Kathy said...

Ooooo....I'm comin' to YOUR house!

shepherdchik said...

Those look yummy. What a cute mold! Did you take pics at shearing?

Michelle said...

I daresay most shearers would be more impressed with the BBQ beef sandwiches than my cookies! But Troy was headed home for supper with his wife when he got done at my place, so perhaps dessert WAS more appropriate.

Yes, the cookies are good! Or I should say that Brian and I think so; Rick isn't into jam in or on cookies (Brian LOVES jam).

Leigh said...

I clicked on over from Tina's. Gosh but those look yummy!