Saturday, March 31, 2007

March going out with a sizzle

March is definitely the month for daffodils in our area. Here are some varieties besides the sunny standard yellow ones that are blooming on our place. (The first one, Tahiti, is one of my favorites.)

Daffodils are as bright as little suns, but that's not what I'm referring to in the title. Today in church Brian was singing along with us in praise service, but since he didn't know the words he just pursed his little lips and "made a joyful noise unto the Lord." Of COURSE I had to whip out my ever-present digital camera and take a photo.
Later, during the sermon, I noticed an odd smell, the smell of something getting hot that shouldn't be. Rick noticed it, too. When we were ushered out at the end of the service, I noticed my purse smelled bad as well. In the foyer I put my hand under my purse to shift my armful, and noticed it was warm. First I thought I'd had it sitting on top of some cables for the A/V equipment nearby and wondered if the cables were overheating. Then I thought of my camera, and whipped it out of the side pocket. Sure enough -- a corner of my camera was MELTING!!! I said something to Rick and ran outside. I retrieved my memory card and then we examined it. Apparently it had developed a short. When I wondered aloud if it still might be able to take pictures, Rick dropped it on the concrete and said, "There, NOW it can't." (I guess he was afraid that in my frugality I would use something unsafe.) I am bummed....

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melanie said...

Oh Michelle-
I have never heard of such a thing - a camera "MELTING". But I had a very nice laugh thinking about your husband's reaction to the whole thing...that story is rife with possibilities of the "power of prayer" (it's obvious he doesn't like your camera as much as you do!)

I wonder if Charlotte (Lauren's sheep) wishes she could do the same thing?

And I LOVE daffodils - thanks for that, ours won't be up for weeks!

Tammy said...

Bummer! Who would have thought the camera would meltdown! I hope you get another soon.

shepherdchik said...

Wow, look at all your flowers! We are just beginning to see the few few tiny blades of green grass here.