Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fleece, flowers, food, and friends (an update)

I worked at Rick's clinic Monday morning, which meant an opportunity to wash fleece. No, not mine (yet), but the BFL/Romney cross ram fleece that my farrier/shearer gave me. So I got busy skirting it on Friday, figuring I need the practice before skirting my Shetland fleeces for the Shepherds Extravaganza. Do you think it's possible to get these straw-magnets in show shape??? (And do you think Bella REALLY has a tail in there somewhere?) about a big lump of fleece! I thought about weighing it, but decided to just dive in.This is very different wool than my girls grow!

Switching subjects, March in the Willamette Valley means a head-on charge into spring, with flowers everywhere. I'm only showing you what blooms on Boulderneigh, but we don't do too bad here. More daffodils...daphne odora, one of my favorite floral scents...the flowering plum tree...even the native shrubs and plants are getting into the act!

In another shift, fellow Shetland owner/blogger Tina has shared several recipes with me, and when I could not find a key ingredient for one of them, she surprised me by sending it via UPS! So I made a batch of Chocolate Coma Cookies for a meeting I had Monday night (with some left over for indulging in at home, of course). Kathy told me to take pictures, but I guess I'm just not FoodieFarmgirl enough. Staging food shots just doesn't turn my crank. I'd rather eat the subjects!

One last shift, for those of you who have asked. My friend Joan is comfortable and in good courage, although she is steadily growing weaker. Moving in with us out here in the country doesn't appear to be an option, because the drive would be inconvenient for both Hospice workers and her friends, most of whom are elderly. So either she will be moving into a care facility or we'll find a home health care worker to move in with her soon, in addition to Hospice care. The cancer wasn't discovered until quite advanced, and she doesn't want to endure any treatments for it after seeing her husband suffer through them. Her faith is strong, and she isn't afraid to go to "sleep" until Jesus comes.

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Tina T-P said...

Hi - that was so sweet of you to send John a card - when he was UP for dinner tonight, I hopped on your blog & showed him pictures of all the girls - Glad the cherries worked out - I think that you definately need to take pictures when you make the sheeply sugar cookies tho - I mean, a choco chip cookie is a choco chip cookie - but a sheeply sugar cookie - that will really deserve a picture :-) T.

Lauren said...

Lovely photos, I'm glad you finally got them to upload, very worth it! I purchased a BFL fleece once at a fiber fair, still have it as I don't know how to spin the stuff without removing the curls. And now I don't have the time to anyway. Someday (fleece doesn't go bad, does it?)

Kathy said...

Wow...what nice pics of the flowers. Things are starting to pop up here, but next week we're supposed to get back to our "normal" temps.
I love BFL fleece and yours looks wonderful! BFL and most BFL X's have great lustre that shows up when you spin them. I did some laceweight two-ply just waiting for the "right" pattern some day.

Nice to see Blogger is letting you post again!