Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Trying not to let the turkey get me down....

Right now I've got a LOT of irons in the fire. I won't bore you with the details; let's just say I'm trying not to panic over what-all needs to get done in the next week. Today's to-do list was long, but I thought I could manage to get through it if I kept my nose to the grindstone, as my mother would say.

The first half of the day went okay. Even got to see a wild turkey along the road on my way to a late-morning appointment.I thought of the sighting as a special little treat at the time, but now I'm thinking she was just there to warn me that I wasn't gonna get to soar with the eagles today.

Brian and I were back home eating lunch when Rick called. His truck had suddenly died as he was driving down the road, and he needed me to come give him a tow. Okay, I thought. Here's a chance to be a cheerful helpmate and practice being flexible. So off Brian and I went to rescue Daddy.

Well, Daddy didn't JUST want a tow. He wanted me to stick around while he put a new alternator in (slow going, with an extra run to town for tools), and then use my truck to charge his battery and jump-start his truck (his vet truck is a big F-350 diesel, and it takes something like my pulling truck to provide enough juice). When it was all said and done, four precious, irretrievable hours had passed.

I'm going to blame it on the turkey; I don't have to live with her.

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Kathy said...

Hey...just remember the turkey was almost our national bird! They are wiley, smart, and very, very capable - ask anyone who has ever tried hunting them. They are not dumb. :)

So, I think seeing the turkey as a "Good Thing". Like so many things in life, it depends on how you wish to look at it. ;-)

I hope your day goes better today, Friend!

shepherdchik said...

Next time you see a turkey, grab him for dinner! Maybe that will change your luck (unless the game warden catches you).