Sunday, October 25, 2009

Snapshots from our weekend

How was your weekend? Saturday was the perfect fall day; mild, sunny and beautiful. Saturdays are always special, a day of worship, rest and fellowship, but I must admit nice weather adds to its blessings.

Saturday night we all participated in a benefit concert for a family devastated by an auto accident. The 16-year-old daughter was getting in some driving practice with her dad riding shotgun when she pulled out in front of a loaded semi - and froze. She was killed instantly; her father is still in a coma. Brian played a violin piece with his dad accompanying; Rick also played a solo and accompanied singers. I helped lead the closing song. The younger sister of the driver sang a beautiful song about looking forward to heaven that she used to sing with her sister; it was very moving. The family hopes to raise enough money for the father to get some time in a hypobaric chamber to promote healing, which their insurance (praise God they have insurance!) does not cover.

Today was grey and threatened rain, but with no more than a few sprinkles we managed to get a lot of outdoor chores crossed off the list. These two young blacktail deer hung out on the other side of the sheep lot fence all morning, driving Jackson crazy.
I picked green tomatoes in the garden and assembled a double batch of Farmgirl's No-Sugar Green Tomato Relish. It would almost be worth making just for the visual delight of the ingredients coming together,but I'm happy to report that the end result is a treat for the taste buds as well - if you can handle some heat! I think I know a couple people who would be delighted to find a jar of this in their Christmas stockings. :-)

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Heather said...

What a special thing for you to do as a family.
The picture of the deer is SO good. I've never heard of black tailed deer before. We have white tailed deer here.

Leenie said...

That is a good neighborhood that can pull together to support their friends. Got acquainted with blacktail deer this summer. They seem to adjust to people when they know they aren't threatened. Now there is a use for green tomatoes that looks like a winner!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Those deer almost look like mule deer, very pretty picture! Nice of them to pose for you :)