Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall . . . down

That is what pretty colors do, eventually.

Yesterday morning looked like this:Couldn't even see colors, just shades of grey in the fog. Today we have rain, rain, lots of rain. Although it was only sprinkling when I was coming up from doing barn chores this morning, so I snapped some random shots of the fallen. Big-leaf maple:
Royal Ann cherry:
English walnut:
Flowering plum:

The colors in front of the house haven't reached their peak yet. That big Japanese maple in the island used to grow against the bedroom window of our old manufactured home. At its peak, it truly lit up the whole room!

The big lilac bush is putting on quite a show this year.

Love this mix of dark green rhodie, yellowing forsythia, and russet silver oak leaves!

This little Japanese maple just outside the front door is putting out the red carpet for visitors (the few that we get).

Now to make Rick's birthday cake - German chocolate, with coconut pecan frosting all over, not just between the layers. (Of course from scratch!)

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Jen and Rich Johnson said...

Wow! Stunning!


Molly Bee said...

Amazing pics! Love the Jap. Maple.

Mom L said...

I love your autumn photos - I still haven't seen much color here.

Nancy in Iowa

thecrazysheeplady said...

These are really nice, Michelle. You have a great eye for color.

Leenie said...

You live in such a scenic location! And your photos show it off beautifully. Your rain will probably get us tomorrow. I covet your variety of trees and shrubs. It takes a tough tree to survive our winters.

Theresa said...

Beautiful colors Michelle! We haven't gotten the real burst all at once this year. The winds striped down a lot of the color trees a few weeks ago.
OHHHH from scratch German Chocolate Cake with the special frosting. YUMMY! My grandmother used to make them. Not too sweet either, just right. Happy Birthday!
PS: If you ply Gene with chocolate cake he just might tackle your fridge! ;-)

Michelle said...

Theresa, you and Gene should come up this weekend because a family of three has no business eating an ENTIRE three-layer German chocolate cake by themselves! If you don't hear from me after tonight, you should probably assume that either we O.D.ed on dessert or all came down with the Swine flue after pigging out and killing our immune systems with all that sugar.... :-)

Michelle said...

FLU, not flue. Goodness, just the PRESENCE of all that sugar in the house is making my brain fuzzy....

An English Shepherd said...

Great pictures :-)


Theresa said...

Dang, Won't be able to make it! The folks are heading in from MA tomorrow. Gene might be closer to there.
He has to head up to the Eugene area tonight for a State Fire Marshall training exercise of some sort tomorrow. LOL,maybe they could all go on a search for homemade German Chocolate cake instead of smoke! ;-)